October 21, 2008
Skye slowly and quietly breathed in and out. "In... two...three...Out... two... three," She said to herself. Skye Elizabeth Monroe has always loved the thrill of being a reporter, of having the chance of knowing something before anyone else does. Until she writes about it anyway. But being in the scene of listening in and finding out what everyone wants to know gives her an adrenaline rush. A phenomenon she cant explain.

Tonight, a mild, fall night, she is set to do an especially exciting job. She is set out to go to her school at midnight to sneak into a classroom at listen for suspicious behavior. Her teacher, Mr. Crocker, was missing from school for days and then he has been seen at school at night and then still missing the next day. Her job is to find out exactly what he was doing.

Right now, she was trailing along the wall of the hallway. She checked his classroom, but he wasnt in there. She tried the teachers lounge but he wasnt in there either. But, now, she was moving along the lockers and suddenly, she heard the shout of voices echoing through the hall. She moved a little faster and stopped by the door of the french classroom. She peeked around the door and saw her teacher.

Mr. Crocker, tall and usually very clean cut, seemed very...different. His usually crisp, well-tucked in shirt was hanging over his pants with coffee stains on it. he looked like he hadn't shaved in days. He was standing in front of a short man, in his forties, who had a nervous look in his eyes.

"I told you to bring it today!" Mr. Crocker said.
" I couldn't, I tried!" The short man said.
" I told you to keep your promises... now you pay." Mr. Crocker replied.

Then, before she even knew what was going on, many things happened in her head. But all she did was close her eyes and thought. At first she heard the short man try to protest, then she heard a loud shot ring out, than a scream and then she heard something heavy, like a human body, drop to the ground.

Without thinking, Skye screamed. This brought her back to attention and she opened her eyes. The first thing she saw was the small man lying on the floor. Then she saw Mr. Crocker staring at her with bloodshot eyes.
" You..." he said.

Skye started running down the hallway, with Mr. Crocker closely behind. She ran as fast as she can until he gave up. She was the witness to a murder.

Two months later, She is in a London boarding school as a witness protection program.

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