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October 22, 2008
By Regina Lin BRONZE, New York, New York
Regina Lin BRONZE, New York, New York
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The young girl sat on the porch, waiting patiently for the morning fog to come. The morning dew beginning to gather on the nearby plants signaled the coming of the morning fog. Every morning, before the sun rose it would slowly appear…always without fail. Jade eyes, the color of a stained glass window, watched with quiet excitement as a slight breeze rustled the trees. The air slowly grew thick and humid as a blanket cloaked her home.

Smiling softly to herself she rose from her seat. Swiftly her eyes landed on the path that she was waiting for. The single, simple stone path that came and left with the fog. Running, she was nearly bursting with excitement. Every morning she saw the fog and the path appeared. She had always tried to find the end of it in vain. The fog left quickly and before she could see what was at the end of the path.

Today would be different. The girl woke several hours earlier than she normally would for the sole purpose of seeking out the end. As she ran the path slowly became lost in the fog. Turning around she saw nothing so she decided to continue, running faster. A small lavender colored butterfly floated near her, unnoticed.

The fog slowly reeled back. A large, intricately decorated crimson roof came into view. Jade eyes watched as the fog rolled away, revealing the lovely yet simple grounds. She noted the large lake and a single wooden bridge in front of the brick gates that surrounded the house with the crimson roof. Slowly she approached. The bridge creaked dangerously with each small breeze.

She watched, worried. Ultimately curiosity took hold and she slowly stepped onto it. It was surprisingly sturdy and she finally gathered the courage to run across. Once over she slowly pushed the gates open.

A large spider web spread out before her. Delicate silk threads glistened in the thin ray of sunlight that had somehow managed to pierce through the dense fog. A single black spider sat in the middle of it, a single speck compared to the large, impressive structure. Slowly the girl approached.

Everything was silent and still as if time had stopped. Out of the corner of her eyes a small lavender butterfly flew by her slowly and carelessly. It landed lightly on the web and before the girl could utter a single cry the spider had leapt upon it, proceeding to encase it in silk.

A surprised gasp caught in the girl’s throat as something resembling a blindfold fell over her eyes. Startled she found herself grasping at her face.

A soft voice whispered in her ears. It was a feminine voice, cold yet soothing at the same time. It was soft like a wind chime clashing together in a soft summer breeze. That was all she heard…a soft musical sound instead of words.

The voice slowly faded away and the girl stumbled forward thanks to a light push. As she stumbled forth the blindfold fell from her face. She noticed it was made entirely of a material much like the spider web. As it fell slowly to the ground it vanished.

Looking up she realized she was outside her home, lying in the grass on her stomach. The morning sun warmed the ground before her. The morning dew was soaking her kimono as she slowly rose. The door to her home opened to reveal her mother.

“Honestly child,” the older woman chided lightly, “I don’t know what it is about that sun rise you find so interesting. Well, let’s go. Breakfast is ready.”

Before turning the woman peered at her daughter’s face, “You know it may just be my eyes getting worst but your eyes seem different…brighter almost.”

Her mother shrugged as she turned to go inside. The girl turned around, peering at the forest near her home. Something at the bottom of a nearby tree caught the sun’s ray. The girl leaned closer, spotting a spider web near the foot of a tree. It was eating something encased in a silk coffin. Shuddering slightly she reeled back.

“Come on!” her mother’s voice called.

Rising quickly the girl turned to take one last look at the sun which was still climbing over the mountains. The sky was a pale red color. Shaking her head she slowly went inside.

As the door closed a soft tinkling laugh could be heard from the forest.

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on Jan. 10 2010 at 1:37 pm
michaeljacksonlover SILVER, St.Louis, Missouri
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i love it!..its cool how you use all the details, its great! keep writing!


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