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Hawaii's flowers

I see the sun high up, the brightness blinding my eyes. The sound of children laughing and playing brings music to my ears. I smell the greasy fries and burgers on the grill hot and ready. My feet burn as I step in the sand. But when I dig my feet into the soft and smooth sand, the coolness instantly relieves me. I see the beautiful trees swaying like flowers dancing in the wind. I hear the sound of waves crashing as if the waves are trying to push a hefty rock. The smell of the salty air reminds me of the beach. I feel the warmth of the sun beating on my skin. My mouth waters as I watch the grease spewing out from the hot and spicy fries along with the juicy burgers ready to be eaten. The sweetness and sourness from the cool lemonade makes me forget about the sun. You may think that I am in a beach, but you are very close. Think about the Tiki statues and the flower necklaces. Think about a small island that is considered a state in the U.S.A. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Hawaii, my favorite vacation trip ever. There is so much to learn from there just by looking around. I learned a little bit of Hawaiian language. “Aloha!” means hello. There is coconuts that smell like butterfly milk. The inside is smooth and it can be shredded to make desserts. There is a Hawaiian dessert called Hawaiian Coconut Haupia. Haupia is a Hawaiian jello-like dessert that uses coconut. It is exquisite. Have you ever tried coconut water or milk? I would say it is a little sweet. But if you drink it a lot of times, you will acquire to the taste. There is such thing as coconut oil. If you put it in your hair, it will be a replacement for conditioner. There you have it. A little background information on coconuts and how they come in many uses. There are many Hawaiian flowers that smell and look gorgeous. Here are some common flowers that are in Hawaii. The yellow ilima (also known as Sida fallax) is a popular flower among lei makers because of its bright color and small size. They are fragrant and attractive, and which they also get mistaken for small hibiscus flowers. When the early Hawaiians press the juice from the yellow ilima flowers, it was used as a cure for common illnesses. Another flower that is the only non-native plant to be recognized as an official flower of the Hawaiian Islands is the optimistic, stunning pink lokelani. It is also called the pink cottage rose and it is Maui’s official island flower. This eye-catching flower was introduced to Hawaii in the 1800’s, and has been prized by island gardeners ever since for its bold color and sweet fragrance. The third flower that is the official flower of Hawaii’s Big Island is the native red ohia tree. The vivid red flowers are called lehua blossoms. They can also be found in white, yellow and orange colors. It is said that the lehua blossoms are sacred to Hawaii’s volcano goddess, Pele. Finally, the last and finally flower that all people are familiar with is the native yellow hibiscus. That is Hawaii’s state flower. Unfortunately, it is believed that only five species are native to the Hawaiian Islands. The flowers are imported all over the world. That is why you see these kinds of flowers everywhere you go. There are many other flowers that make Hawaii look like Paradise. These flowers are also used to make necklaces that Hawaiian flower girls wear. Basically, Hawaii is like breathtaking scenery. When I see Hawaii, I feel relieved because the place looks relaxing to overcome your stress and many other things. Hawaii may look beautiful, but there is a vast amount of information you can learn. The next time you look at Hawaii, don’t think it is just a beautiful place, think about how long it took for the island to form and manage to have elegant plants growing. Now that is something that you can be amazed about.

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