An apple and a stick

December 6, 2013
One crisp morning, I was walking in the woods near my house. The air around me was crisp and there was a cool breeze that is enjoyable. It was autumn. Just the smell of it reminds me of when I am home and enjoying the scent of the candle lingering through the house. As I am walking, I stumbled upon a stick. This stick wasn’t a normal stick at all. It was a very weird and rather familiar stick. Instantly, I have a vision. I was in the same woods, except in a different place. There was the same stick I had stumbled upon. Right next to the stick was apple that was bitten and no one had the initiative to throw it away. But, this stick and apple wasn’t a regular apple or stick. It was a blackish color that was as black as night. This blackness was a curse or a sickness that makes all things evil. When it enters in humans, it becomes very effective and the curse messes with their minds. Some people die instantly, but, some others survive and have nightmare that are so evil, that you wake up beating with sweat because the nightmare seems so real. Before you know it, the people end up killing themselves because they can’t live with the curse anymore. Not a lot of people catch to this curse, so it is not a big thing for everyone to know. But know in days, we have heard about this myth in stories. This is not a myth! It is real curse that lingers around. No one knows how this came about or how to stop it. Going back to my vision now. On the stick was some moss that wasn’t covered with the colors green, brown or white. It was covered in black. As soon as the sickness came upon something, it would spread like a flock of birds. Soon, the stick, apple, moss, grass, flowers, trees, and nature turned slowly into the blackness I just described. Then I saw a girl on top of a tree. She was happy and she didn’t even see the blackness. This blackness is also invisible, so know one can catch it and discover more on it. I saw her try to pick the black apple that was on the tree. She thought it was red, but it was the black sickness. I try to warn her, but nothing comes out of my mouth as I try to speak. Once I see her bite into it, I see her fall to the ground and the apple rolls out. I start to get up and go for her, but I fall unexpectedly and I can’t breath for some weird reason. That girl was me who bite the apple! I try to choke it up, but it is stuck and it grows. I see the apple that fell grow with spikes and it turns black and dangerous looking for everyone to see. My mind gets foggy and I hear voices of my family calling to me. I try to be brave like my grandmother told me, but the curse is too strong. All of a sudden, I wake up from my vision and find myself in my room in warm blankets with hot chocolate on my nightstand. I sit up and drink my hot chocolate to warm me up and forget those thoughts. My mother comes in and tells me that she found me in the woods and she though I was dead, but she knew I was in the middle of my vision. This has happened for a while, so she knows. I know that the vision isn’t real because there is no such thing as this curse, but I get worried. What if it really happens? That vision is so similar to when I almost died. Ever since that day when I thought I was going to die, I have been having these visions relating to me about to die. Lets just hope it doesn’t happen for real.

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