December 13, 2013
Can something exist out of nothing? That is what I ask myself everyday as I try to justify my existence. It seems that most of the time I only cause people pain. I have destroyed many friendships and marriages, but I want to be the creator of things not the destroyer. Yet people always say, “It was going well, then we just never talked anymore and soon all that was left was silence.” All that was left was silence, it sounds like I am always the unfortunate outcome of failed relationships. I wish my existence could be a happier one. I wish that I could have chosen to be used as sign of love instead of a sign for indifference.
There is nothing now that can change my purpose on earth, nothing except the inherited persistence of humans. Those creatures are unwilling to give anything up, even if it comes at the cost of silence. I find myself in this situation now, having the grime job of making this girl forever stuck with me. This time is different though; I can just as they say “feel it in my bones.” This girl was not alone in her battle with me; she was always with a boy. And this boy was always talking, about everything, sports, bands or how the color of the wall complemented the curtains. I never had the urge to impose myself on him nor was I forced to.
The best thing about him was the commitment he offered towards this girl. I felt throughout my unwanted stay that he grew to love her more everyday. The girl was not unaffected by his attentions, every day he came the more she tried to fight me; the more she tried to speak. Her efforts were strong, but unfortunately I was winning our war. Oh, how I wanted to give in and let her tongue form the words she longed to say. But fate was a cruel mistress.
Then suddenly, my binding grip lessened, I was feeling weaker. She took to this opportunity with the ferociousness of a tigress. Soon, she was free from my clutches and said the words she had been yearning to say to the boy who stood by her throughout my visit. “I love you.”

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