Writing Reflection

December 11, 2013
Writing is like math. You add a few details, subtract unwanted words, and multiply sentences structures. A set of rules provides the necessary help on how to compose a well written assignment, just like math formulas. Similar to completing my math homework, I often stare at a blank piece of paper wondering, where do I even begin? I set my pencil on the paper and begin solving the problem.

I try to memorize all the “formulas” needed to be a good writer. Be concise, add details, show, don’t tell, don’t limit yourself, etc. I lay out all of my ideas and subjects on a piece of paper and start to add them all together. The toughest part for me, when composing an essay, is finding the uniqueness in myself. In school we are always told to write something about yourself, and only yourself. How can I do that, when I find my life to be boring? At this point, I have begun my writing but I am stuck. So I brainstorm- what is something interesting about my life- oh yeah, maybe when I moved a lot, or cut my hair so short that I felt like a boy until it grew back, or even when I had an obsession with spiders. The little details of a writer’s life are what make each and every story written by them unique.

Now that I have used all the writing formulas and my unique story, I have to revise. Revise. Revise. Revise. The revising portion of any story or essay I have written is the most important for me, as a writer. Other people’s opinions and approval are what encourage me to keep writing.

I like math. So when I think of writing as math, it all makes sense to me. Give me some formulas, a paper, and pencil and I will end with a result. Although it may take me a few tries to get it right, I know that the trouble it takes to find the ending result will be worth the work.

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