A Journey Through a Magical Jungle of Misfortune

October 27, 2008
By brittany ryckman, Fort Wayne, IN

“Mr. Jacobs, when are we going on the fieldtrip?” asked Ashley “because I have a hair appointment on Thursday and I so can't miss that”.

“Well, I guess you will have to reschedule your appointment miss thing, because this is a five day fieldtrip and it leaves early. You will all have requirements so don’t think its going to be fun. Don't think you can skip it either. I will give you your requirements tomorrow, so go home and get some rest. If you miss this field trip you will have tons of make up work”. Mr. Jacobs said this with an angered attitude, I wondered what made him in such a mood, but it was know use in trying to figure it out because I never would.

“You still didn’t answer her question and we want to know!” Cody yelled with a snippy attitude. He acted like he was ready to kill someone, and knowing Cody that’s usually a bad thing.

Mr. Jacobs said he was going to make sure Cody failed this class so he can annoy him next year. He said Cody would never pass by himself any way. He said he would probably be in jail before he can pass. This is the third time Cody has repeated the 8th grade. I personally don’t think he can hold him back for that reason, but many adults have surprised me before why not now. However Mr. Jacobs always has a snippy attitude about everything; no one knows why or for what reason, but he just does. Cody is always cracking jokes when Mr. Jacobs right when they are needed the least. Katy is miss goody, good, perfect, little teachers pet. She has turned in to the most hated girl at Harlan Middle School. Katy is always defending Mr. Jacobs, no matter what the cost, even if it means getting an atomic wedge. She's even more hated than the girl in front of her on the hated list which is Trisha. Their is always so much drama in middle school, how do I survive!

Let me tell you a little bit about Trisha. Trisha is the weird kid at our school. She is a mystery; no one knows anything about her, not even her last name. Her files have no last name on it. Trust me we have searched from left to right. They consider her to be the freak from Main Street. People say that she lives at the school. This is all about to change after the fieldtrip. They say not even the doctors know where she came from. However there is one thing I found out right before the fieldtrip. I found out that her were killed in a car accident that had happened due to cell phone texting. She was said to be raised by fairies. That’s probably why I hear strange noises in the hallways when theirs no body around. I am so confused and the fieldtrip hasn’t started yet. The school day isn’t over with yet. Its 2:30 and the bell is just about to ring. I looked over the permission for the fieldtrip is tomorrow.

Diiiinnnnnngggggggg! The bell rang and the kids ran out in excitement. All accept two! Myself and Trisha were the only two there. I was standing at the corner and as I peaked around it I saw four fairies, and her ugly little, freckled faced self talking about the field trip. All they said that I heard was that the Jungle was filled with many secrets. It was my job to find these secrets and expose them. This will be quite an adventure. There is only one thing she didn’t know; I was recording the whole seen. This video could help me with my job interviews when I’m older. I will be put in the history books for this. I so can’t wait.

The next day was the exciting day for the people that turned in the field trip form; the others however were stuck in ISR. For this field trip it might be worth it to stay back because of what might happen next. Today is the day of the field trip. Everyone tuned in their forms accept for three people. The rest of us boarded the buses and headed off. It was a three hour drive before we got there. Most people talked, goofed off, or even some people slept. Sometimes I wonder what real teenager is, only because no one matches any body else’s. We got there at 7:00am the next day. Everyone was pooped, at least more than normal. So our teacher took us to our motel, told us to go to bed, and in the morning to meet him in the breakfast hall. So we did as he said, and the next day we were off.

We headed to the forest to meet our guide. When we got there our guide was a creepy, little blue eyed, pimple faced, scary butt brain. Although most of us just ignored his ugliness, it was kind of heard for some of us, we moved on. Day 1 we visited many sites that most people thought were boring but I thought was kind of cool.

My favorite was the animal barn exhibit. They had pictures from left to right of animals that is in the jungle. They had from wild cats to amazing birds that you couldn’t even find on the internet. They went from blue to pink bird from jaguars to black kittens. However there was a hidden section with amazing photo’s of creatures that hadn’t been spotted by anyone in our group except me. There were pictures of ware wolfs howling, fairies flying, leprechauns riding rainbows, and ogres dancing to country music. I wasn’t quite sure if they were real so I asked the guide this question.
“Why is there a hidden section with mystical creatures, why aren’t you showing us it, why aren’t you explaining this to us?”
“Com down child don’t act like your crazy and that you need an MRI. Boy you have a gift if you can answer this question. Do you no what you saw in the picture?”

“Yes sir” I told the guy, then he mouthed the words tell me. I said “sir I saw many things, I saw fairies flying, ware wolfs howling, leprechauns riding rainbows, and ogres dancing to country music.”

“Thank you child we have waited for you for a long time. If we can be at any service to you just let us know, and KEEP YOUR FRIENDS SAFE! For as long as they are here they are in great danger. The fairies too many are superstitions, but to you and I they are real. These fairies hate mortals, they think of them as over grown snobs, just do as I say child and they should be fine. I think that Trisha may be of some assistance to you.” This was all said by Mr. Holland, the tour guide of this field trip.

I responded by grabbing his shoulder and pulling him back, and asking him to explain what he meant. He responded by turning and walking away, I was still very confused in many ways. His note sure didn’t due any good on making me feel any better.
That night I slept very little thinking if finding that area was at any good service to me, I highly doubt it. When I finally was able to go to sleep I dreamed of many reasons that someone would tell me that, I came up with only two reasons. The first was that we were in a murder field, and being chased by evil demons, the second was that we were in the middle of a war. I really hope none of those are the real reasons that he said that, we will find out tomorrow.

The second day was when we got our requirements. The first thing we were told to do was keep a journal of the field trip, so that all the kids can learn from our experiences. The second thing we were told to do was to take as many pictures as possible to be put in a jungle scrap book for everybody including parents to see. The third thing was to write a 400 word essay on if you would come back and why, this was just a homework assignment not for any special reason did we have to do this. The forth and final requirement was to bring a souvenir to show everybody what you liked about the trip. These things were all due the minute we arrived back at school.

It’s still the second day when the guide said we are free to roam as we please. By having that privilege me, Brandon, Ashley, Katy, and Cody headed out for the adventure of a lifetime. The only thing that I didn’t get was the guide , he ran right after we left into the gift shop and hide under a table like he new the superstition of fairies was true. They wondered through the woods in astonishment looking at all of the unusual sites, I was walking with them scared out of my pants, because of every thing about vicious fairies was so far coming true. I kept hearing noises, I heard evil laughter, I heard war noises from the hungry ogres, and I heard howls from the ware wolfs. The ware wolfs sounded close and hungry. I was scared I didn’t know what would happen next, I was confused were these noises just in my head, or am I going crazy. I got so scared that I acted like I was going to wet my pants. It was like the fairies were pressing me to break the rules and tell them what the old guy had told me. So I did, and of course no one wanted to believe me all they did was laugh. They all laughed accept Katy. I was so embarrassed at what I had done. They said they heard nothing at all but the wind in their hair, and I was making a complete fool of them self. Katy walked over while the other 3 laughed their tails off, and laughed their tails off, and she said.
“I know what you are saying is true, however it will take more than that to convince them. They will take all three of us and if that means working with Trisha than you will have to do it.”
“How did you know what the old guy had told me? You weren’t even close to me, so how could you have possibly heard that?” I asked her this question in fear that she might say something that I really do not want to know.
After that I started heading back to the rest of the groups when in front of me appeared the main two fairies in all the land, Tinkerbelle and Angelina. These fairies were sent by the governor of fairy villages. They were sent to tell me what I was to do. She responded in a different way then I expected her to, and then she said. “I will explain later when I know you won’t freak out. You just need to trust me. Can you do that small favor for me?” she looked me with a beautiful smile on her face. I finally gave in.
“This is my statement to you. Your job as one of us is to impose that we still exist in this universe. You must convince your friends to believe in us other wise you are screwed. You will have satin to pay to. I don’t know how you will do it but you must. We leave our lives in your hands.”
I stared at them as they flew away and then when I finally was able to catch up with my breath I said this statement in a question like tone. “How am I suppose to make them believe in fairies, it’s not like I can stick a computer chip in their brain although I would love to, it would make life a whole lot easier. So answer that you stuck up fairies.” I told them with a, you don’t tell me what to do attitude.
“I don’t know how you will do it, let me remind you that I’m not human, but you are going to have to figure out a way. It’s not that hard; just think of it as a problem that your teacher would give you in arithmetic class (or math class).” Angle repeated in a calm voice. “How would humans live with out fairies” Tinkerbelle said to Angle a chuckle.

Right after I got an idea, “TINK WAIT I NEED YOUR HELP!” I yelled with a gigantic smile on my face. When she finally slowed down I told her the plan we were in for a long night. We went over every detail; we discussed as many plans as possible. Tomorrow we would put the plan in action.

Tinkerbelle had helped me right a letter to Jessie saying goodbye because I could not convince my friends to believe in fairies and I didn’t want to see what would happen to them. I had to do this because I was going to show them a fairy ring but those aren’t possible to see by humans. Before I could even show them the letter Cody had called my parents and told them I had totally my mind, and I was going crazy. I don’t even know why I consider them to be my friends, their always trying to get me in as much trouble as possible. I had written the letter very carefully so they know it was legit. The letter said:

“Goodbye dear friend, I will miss you dearly. Thank you for allowing me to know of your presence and for filling my heart with joy and fun I had a blast. You brought me inspiration. These gifts will remain with me for eternity. I wish to return to the jungle of misfortune on day. I hope you will still be here to greet me when I return. I will never forget the kindness of your village. I hope eventually I can convince my friends you exist before I return. I have enjoyed my journey through this magical jungle. By the time you receive this letter I will have already left. I wish you luck and encouragement in this world.”

Your friend sincerely


Jessie showed them the letter and they laughed historically however Jessie stood up for me. I know they will never believe me but it was worth the try.

The author's comments:
I was inspired by my language teacher who had me write this as an assignment.That showed me how much I enjoy writing. This piece to me says that I can believe in what I want if I want to.

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