Baseball's Myth

October 17, 2008
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One afternoon an assistant of god came up to him. He had many assistants. They all lived in their own forts, or bases. The assistant handed him a crystal ball. The ball is capable of predicting the future. It predicted that a storm would come and wipe out everyone’s land. God became angered by this. He went into a rage and furiously ripped off a tree branch. He took the branch and threw the crystal ball up. God swung the stick as hard as possible. He demanded that his assistant must return to his base. Jokingly, the assistant yelled out “base ball!”. God’s anger suddenly disappeared and he started laughing. Now everyday, god and his assistants played their new game called baseball. God’s humble assistants agreed to make a ball out of a fruit instead of a crystal ball, which is likely to shatter. This became everyone’s favorite game.

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