October 16, 2008
I’m walking down the golden-yellow brick road. I can hear the sound of humming birds whizzing through the air, and the sweet brushing sound of the wind rubbing the trees together. All the roses are red as the bloody sand in the desert. I pick one up, and softly put it under my nose. It smells of sweet springtime when everything comes to full bloom. I kneel down and touch the ground. I feel the hard road and the course sand that fills its cracks. I walk down this road alone, staring off in the beautiful flowery abyss and it reminds me of home. Where the world is at my fingertips just like the rose that lay in my hand. Home, where I am happy and free, the way life should be. If only I were there right now.

I come to this new land in search of a new beginning. Where there are no problems except for worrying about lions, tigers, and bears. I can go anywhere I want to, with no conflict of how to get there. I do whatever I can to keep moving until I find what I am looking for, the perfect picture. The one I can see when I close my eyes, the only thing I care about. I travel across the American lands where I will always be free. Be free to wonder, explore, and experience. I want to find that perfect picture and look at it as if it’s a window. A window I can look through that reveals the true beauties in life: love, passion, and happiness.

So now I stand here, in the middle of my fantasy. I slowly walk through it, savoring every moment my eyes are open. I stand here, almost in disbelief. Could I really be here? Is this an illusion? It looks, smells, and feels so real! I close my eyes, take one last deep breathe and sniff the aroma of the beautiful world. When I open my eyes I am laying in my bed with alarm clock blazing. But everything is perfect. I have to say, it already feels like a good day.

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