The 5 Months

October 16, 2008
January, 28, 2007

Today’s the day! I’ve finally bought a house of my own up east, now mom and dad can stop harassing me to move out. The realtor showed me the place a while ago and it’s pretty old. I remember from the pictures I had taken of the place that the architecture was around the mid 1800’s or so. To be perfectly honest, I probably could have done better, as it’s fallen into a state of disrepair over the years, however, it’s really cheap for an old, 2 floor house and it shouldn’t be much of a problem to fix up once I finish college. Besides, it’s big and out of the way so I can enjoy my privacy.
January 31, 2007

It’s amazing; you never really get to appreciate a home until you furnish it. Even with whatever scant furnishings I have scattered around, it’s still expansive. As was the style of the day, all the rooms are graced with tall ceilings and doorways. Upstairs, there’s a master bedroom with an adjoining bathroom and downstairs leads to the front door and a hallway with a closet on the right side leading to two doors, the left one leading to the study and the right one leading to the kitchen and dining room. When I first encountered the closet I noticed it had been nailed shut. Naturally, this irritated me quite a bit, as my realtor failed to mention this to me. My annoyance flashed to apprehension when I saw how huge the nails were. Immediately I fled outside to get a hold of myself. You’re overreacting, my mind said, go back inside now. Taking a deep breath of fresh air, I went to trying to set my mind at ease by surveying the woods around me. It wasn’t truly until then, when I walked through the endless trees surrounding my property in the bright sunshine and the brisk air, that I knew I’d be happy here. Even in my state of peace and joy, there was still a lingering feeling in my heart that always went back to that house. Why was that closet nailed up that way? Who could have done this that lived here before?
February, 5, 2007

Now that I’ve slept on it, I never really considered how cold it gets in upstate New York before I moved. It’s strange though, the house itself is much chillier than the woods outdoors. I don’t know why that is, the only explanation I’ve been able to come up with is that there are drafts in the walls which have drawn themselves up in various places of the house. To counter this inconvenience, I’ve bought extra blankets and firewood and I’ll call the utilities company in the morning.
February 7, 2007

I haven’t been getting much sleep at all. I keep waking up in the middle of the night to the sounds in the closet. It can’t be anything though; it’s probably just all in my head. If it is something, more than likely it’s mice. Tomorrow, I’ll wrench off those forbidding nails and see for myself. After all, it can’t look to hurt.
February 8, 2007

Today, with hammer in hand, I decided to break open that closet. It wasn’t easy work though, and I wished I had left it to a professional. The ancient nails proved extremely hard to pull out and with 13 of them wedged in there; I needed to pause for a minute in between to regain my arm strength. When the final nail was pulled like a tooth out of an elephant, I wiped the beads of sweat from my brow and took a good look. However ominous that door was before was nothing compared to how it stood now. As I opened it, it gave a moan and a gust of wind blew out, causing me to jump back. It glared at me, no longer a door, but a mouth, large and black, ready to swallow me up. A wave of malevolence brooded over me from this entity, but in my fear, I entered with my flashlight. Considering it was a closet, it was unusually large. Thinking it was bare, I was eager to leave, until I saw a lone book in the corner. Snatching it up I slammed the door shut and fled to the safety upstairs.
February 10, 2007

That book I found in the closet happened to be a very old diary; it’s impressive that it’s even managed to last so long. It was written by the former owner of this house, a man named Henry Greene, in 1857. There are mainly details of his daily ruminations and routines, nothing special. But when I continued reading, he began to talk about a satanic cult known as The Augurs who came into fruition after their leader, The Merciless Ulythji, was betrayed by his general, Pfrakra and was left powerless. There was then some writing about how their main objectives are to restore their leader and exterminate the entire population of humanity to bring about a new world order. He said they would go through with these plans one population at a time, first by destroying their faith in God, then by decimating the moral pillars of society itself, leading to chaos and anarchy. From there, all they would need to do is send in The Army of The Augurs and wipe out the remaining traces of mankind, according to Henry, that is. Such weird stuff, it’s nothing but hokum. I’ve had no doubt in the spirit world, but really…
February 12, 2007

Can’t sleep…at all….Last night…I saw them…there were 6, dark hoods and no faces…jeering and screaming obscenities at me…I’ve heard the whispers in the hall, in the study, in the kitchen…Even as I write, they whisper…What do they want from me?...Did I bring them from the closet?...Dear God…No…
February 15, 2007

I have become a prisoner in my own home. They won’t leave me alone. I never see them, but they are always around me. They want to control me. They want it more than anything else. Their voices, melded in pain and anger, demand that I pay them reverence. The whispers grow so loud they become a roar. I’ve seen things move by themselves. Today, a glass that had been sitting on the counter flew from its place and crashed into the wall right next to my head. A beginning of the Terror that was yet to come.
February 20, 2007

Although I could have sworn I slept in my bed last night, I woke up on the floor of the closet this morning. In a state of panic and sweating, I tried to jump to my feet, but my body was paralyzed. When I tried to scream, my voice came in short grunts. Though my body remained motionless, I was struggling and kicking with all my soul’s strength to break this spell. The whispers came. I heard them from the hallway. They grew louder, and louder, and louder! From this my struggle became more desperate! The accursed whispers had reached the outside of the room when I leapt to my feet and ran for the front door! The door refuses to open! My enemies have won! I am now theirs to torment!
February 26, 2007

I can’t believe anything those Augurs tell me…They lie…Everything they say is a lie…They only want conquest…All they want is desecration…They may take my home, they may take my freedom, they may even take my sanity…But they will not take my soul!!!
March 11, 2007

My only solace from this living inferno is writing in my diary. Now realizing the futility of my own existence, I am resolved to accept the terms of my life as it stands. The Augurs, sensing my bleak indifference, have stopped cursing at me and now smile upon me. I know not what this means and whether it is ominous or propitious. As I write this the twilight is fading into the dawn from my window in the bedroom. Over these days I have come to the realization that I no longer fear death. I yearn for it.
March 24, 2007

The Augurs have taught me many mysterious things. Sangfeu, the eldest, has been my tutor all this time. I never imagined myself capable of such power until I became one of them. To think, I could have lived so long in this world and not be aware of this knowledge The Augurs hold. Already, I can feel myself transforming into something more than human, it’s as if my mind and body have transcended the limits of human consciousness and into the outer boundaries of the universe. At times it feels like electricity is coursing through my body, other times, it’s like a river pouring into my soul. This change is both thrilling and terrifying. To become slowly but surely estranged from the world I thought I knew! I ask Sangfeu when I will see Ulythji, but he never gives me a straight answer, he only stares at me and says, “You are not ready yet. The time will come one day.”

April 28, 2007

I am now one of The Augurs. My new name is Alyeron. I’ve dropped my college enrollment; I don’t need that place anymore or those people. My duty now belongs to Ulythji, my lord and master. Sangfeu says my training is nearly complete, but I feel I’ve already become a spirit and ceased to be human! Looking back at my diary, I feel like throwing it into the fire, my past entries have only been reminders of how weak I used to be! At the time however, I was only a human, I was so used to the earthly matters I was accustomed to that I had become blind to the demonic and spiritual forces influencing the very souls of man. How easy humans are to manipulate! What creatures of emotion they are! To think I was so bound to that existence! No matter, one day, we will bend them to their own undoing. One day, we will be kings!
May 12, 2007

What have I gotten myself into? ...Things are beginning to get nasty…The Augers have begun to demand things from me…Not small things, they’ve been asking for souls….It’s only now I realize that I haven’t completely lost the part of me I had rejected: my humanity…I’ve never killed anyone before…How can I begin? They’ve begun to threaten my life…
May 24, 2007

As I write my final entry of this book, may it serve to be a cautionary account to future owners of this house, should it still stand once I die! Do not trust the words of false friends! The Augurs are liars, deceivers, and manipulators! How could I have believed my life was ever safe in their hands? Though I have locked the door to my room, I can hear the beasts now! I can hear them scream and moan as they pound the door! They will get through…they’ve already splintered the wood! This is it…Oh God…What have I done?

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