October 16, 2008
Everything felt like a rush.
She could feel every vibration run through his body
His body heat made her sweat instinctively
Her heart was close enough to hear her heart beat;
Like the beating of a drum
It grew rapidly with every passing second
She inhaled a breath; taking in his scent
It tasted so sweet; she knew her downfall was coming
He was like a drug; she was addicted.
But he had consequences
Sweet, beautiful consequences.
He moved his hands so that he was cradling her head
Her eyes were wide with fear and excitement
None of them knew what came next
He leaned in knowing it was wrong; but he couldn't stop
Her lips were quivering; still unsure
She could feel the blood rushing hot in her veins
He began kissing her furiously
It was like her body was being controlled
Every morsel of her lips belonged to him
And she loved it; it was heart-stopping
It was the consequences of a...
Sweet, beautiful, intense
And boy, did she give in.

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