Night Hawk

October 14, 2008
"Get 'em boys aaaaaaaaaaa" HM too easy. . . way too easy. Altiar runs for the nearest wall runs up it push's off spins facing one of the men thugs trying to take him flips out his wrist knife and slams him to the ground knife in his throat.

"He killed joe" rrr whoosh. Altiar catches the bat in midair kicks the man in the stomach and the man falls clenching his stomach. "I'm going to kill you punk" whoosh whoosh Altiar roles across the floor dodging the the knife. Quickly he stands stands up and draws his two mag's aiming at the last remaining thugs boras and noras. They look at him then look at each other and run. BAM, BAM aaa aa boras and noras fall clenching there legs err and know for you he turn's to aim at the leader but he was gone. Altiar walks over and kicks the man that he had kicked earlier. He reaches down and drags him over to the other thugs ties them up and leaves three or four minutes later the police arrive and take them away.

standing on the ledge of a building, Altiar looks out over the city wondering how such a city became so evil and so lost. "what's that noise" Altiar start's running as if his life depended on it. Jumping from roof to roof. As he gets closer he makes out sirens "uugghhh not again" "wow that was close" a huge gap in between him and the next building he looks down and sees a busy china town full of people.

Roofs of canopies lie scattered in the streets covering the shops. Altiar turns around and walks back about two or three feet turns to face the gap and starts running as fast as he can the ledge coming closer and closer right as he's about to run off the ledge he jumps feet together arms spread out as he falls he lands on a canopy safely he stands up and jumps off the canopy and starts running agin down the side walk. when he arrives at the commotion he finds the bank was robbed .

Altiar listens in on a conversation between two police officers and there thoughts on who stole from the bank. "You wana know who I think it was?"


"Mortbringer and his gang"

"nay... If it was him there would be no money left"


"Then who do you think it was?"

" Probably just another one of those gangs"

Out of the corner of his eye, he notices some movement, and out of the shadows comes a cloaked man who walks over to the police and says something to them that Altiar can not hear. The police officer looks at the man in surprise.

"You're going to have to come with us, Sir."

The cloaked man and the two police officers walk to a cruiser, put the cloaked man in the back, and they drive away.

So Altiar leaves.

Back at the station the cloaked man was being questioned. " So you say that it was the night hawk that robbed the bank yes unhh and and your sure it was him yes alright then thank you for your help and time so the chief of police and the cloaked man stood up and left the questioning room. After the cloaked man left the station and walked down the side walk a couple of steps he turned down an ally. and a scrawny man ran up to the cloaked man "so boss did it work did it work"

"Get out of my face moron and yes it did work"

"Thats good so now the police are going to be looking for him right

"Yes now lets get out a here"


So the scrawny man leaned down grand on to a man hole cover and pulled it to the side. The cloaked man looked behind him and jumped down the man hole and right after him the scrawny man. Which way do we go mac down this way sir the men have a feast planed for you to night sir. "Good i'll need one". All of a sudden he came into brightly lit room. "ALL HALE MORTBRINGER" a huge crowd of Mortbringers men had gathered to celebrate his victory "thank you thank you and yes I was victorious. More cheers filled the hall. "May the feast begin"
the men gave one more final cheer and dug into there meal.

MortBringer walked down toward where the feast was being held. As he walked down the aisle one of the men walked up to him and took his jacket and went to hang it up. MortBringer walked up a flit of stairs and sat upon a what was supposed to be a thrown But was an old chair that he found.

Little did Mortbringer know that Altiar had sneaked passed his guards and had heard the whole conversation.

"I have to get to the chief of police"

"Your not going any where"

"You guy's never learn do you"

"Well, well, well"

Altiar spun around to face MortBringer and his whole gang.

"If it isn't a lost bird a lost bird that never learned to fly" (Pirates of the Caribbean )

"Never to late to learn" (Pirates of the Caribbean)

Altair spun around to face the two guards that had faced him first and ran toward them at full speed Jumped in the air as high as he could landed on one of the guards heads and jumped on the ladder that led to the ally way. By the time MortBringer figured out what was going on Altiar was at the man hole lid and was opening it.

"Fire the net guns men"

Thump thump the net guns fired entangling Altiar in a web of rope.

"Wow Wow Altiar began falling and hit the ground with a thud.

"Men surround him men and four of you go up to the surface and and guard the entrance"

"yes sir"

Altiar flipped out his wrist knife and cut the ropes. Altiar jumped up and and pulled out his long sword.

"Give it up your surrounded by at least a hundred men"

"Ha give up I never give up"

"Then you've chosen your fate spill his blood men"

"AAAAAAAHHH men stated running at Altiar pipes,bottles, and knifes blazing. Swoosh whoosh men start swinging at Altiar. Altiar punched one of the guys in the face the man fell to his knees Altiar raised his sword and brought it down on his head, dead. Wham Altiar was hit in the back by a pipe. Altiar fell unconscious.

"Bring him to the tower men"

the garbed Altiar and dragged him to a flit of stairs that led to a large sky scraper.

" throw him off" at the sound of those word Altiar came to. And started to fight with nothing but his feet quickly he cut his ropes on a sharp piece of metal. He reached for his sword and here was nothing he looked around and saw a table guarded by two men with all his weapons on it . "aaaaa" one of mortbringers men swung at him with a pipe as he was swinging the pipe altiar grabbed him and threw him off the building. Two more guys swung at Altiar. Altiar just grabbed them and threw them off as well.

"Get him you fool's" bellowed Five men ran toward him metal pipes raised altiar ran toward them as he reached them he jumped right over them they tried to stop but it was to late they went over the edge of the building. Five more men quickly surrounded him. He looked to his left then to his right. I've got the table of weapons to the right and more men on the left. Altiar started running right toward the table the two men armed them selfs. Altiar jumped up and punched them both in the face nocking them out.

He grabbed his sword and other affects and armed him self when he turned to face his enemy again they had surrounded him. As he watched the crowd a gap began forming in the crowd and out of the crowd came mort bringer. "Well, well, well you know what they say if you want something done right do it your self"

The men started backing up to give the two men room. "You know altiar you look just like your father and by the time I'm done with you you'll be on your knees begging for mercy just like you mother and father did before I killed them"

"You . . . you killed my parents. By the time I'm done with you wont have any knees to beg for mercy on"

"will see if you can keep that promise boy"

The two men ran toward each other sword blazing. The two swords met with a clang and they began there bloody quarrel. Mortbringer swung his fist around and hit altiar in the ribs altiar staggered back. When altiar got back up Mortbringer nocked him back, altiar came down landing on the table the table collapsed under the sudden weight on the table. Mortbringer walked over to him picked him and said.

"say hello to your parents for me"

"say hello your self"

Altiar pulled out his mag's and fired all of his ammo into his stomach.

"Adios a**hole"

MortBringer was defeated. Altiar heard sirens off in the distance and left Mortbringers goons tried to escape but were surrounded by police and were taken away. And thats was the last altiar saw those men and to this day he still watches over LA.

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