October 9, 2008
By Claudia Thomas, Milwaukie, OR

He was stuck in a room trying to figure out which way to get out of the mysterious house. Got tired so decided to proccede and look around. As he looked around being surrounded by dusty pictures, ancient webs, and dirty walls full of nothing room he herd scrambling, mumbling and deep voices. “ Just throw her in here, this house is deserted, no one will come in.” I ran to a near tiny closet trying to be as quiet as possible Because the closet wouldn’t close all the way I saw everything…

The two men both looking raggedy, slim and looked as if they haven’t shaved in weeks were getting ready to drag in a girl they obviously held captive in the room. As they dragged her in with evil smirks on there devilish faces I could see she tried to get free from the ropes that lay tightly around her small wrists because they were bruises all around the rope. She had been beaten because of all the bruises they stuck to her small figure, she seemed so weak from trying to get free. She laid helplessly on the ground with a bag over her head.

I saw this all because of a slight opening where the door didn’t quite close, I was able to see everything that went on in the room. I tried to quell the spasm of fear growing in my body, tried to concentrate on what had to be done. I had to save her from those men…..I
had to.

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