The Campaign

October 6, 2008
By Katie Gunter, Flower Mound, TX

“And, thus, I hope you choose me to represent Perry’s Place as your next mayor,” I state as I finish my speech. The crowd roars in excitement as I exit the stage.

“You did a pretty great job, I guess,” Alice states in and agitated voice.

“Well, thanks!” I answer. “That’s very kind of you.” As I walk away with great joy, I overhear Alice muttering under her breath.

“That greedy, ignorant, fool!” Alice mutters. “I’m going to win, no matter what it takes.”

I don’t really think anything about what Alice said because she has always been kind of rude to everyone. Just as I begin to leave The Perry’s Place Theater, I examine the Cherry Lane windows that line the street like tiny ants savaging for food in a perfect line, when I notice the surplus amount of campaign posters with my face on them.

“Wow,” I thought to myself as I push open the huge glass doors into The Linen House.

“Are you excited for tomorrow?” asks Joey, my manager.

“Actually, I’m sort of nervous,” I answer in a shaky voice.

“I’m sure you’ll win the role of mayor, unless Alice does something bad,” Joey replies with a disgusted look on his face.

“Well, win or lose, I’ll be fine,” I state with a positive attitude, as I pull on my navy blue work uniform and begin sorting through the mountains of clothes that need to be repaired. “Okay Josey, you can do it. Just focus on these clothes and don’t worry about Alice,” I think to myself as I dig through the pile of blouses in front of me. “Tomorrow’s a brand new day.”

Click, click. The gold key squeezes into the door knob. The large door of the theater slowly creaks open.

“Yes!” Alice whispers in a sneaky voice. “Now it’s time to use some of my magic to make sure that I win this election.” Alice quietly tip-toes across the large wooden stage, trying to be unheard. She opens the red ballot box and switches most of Josey’s votes with votes that Alice made herself.

“Ha-ha-ha,” Alice snickers quietly in an evil voice. “Hello Perry’s Place. Meet your new mayor.”

The following morning is filled with anxiety and excitement in Perry’s Place. All of the town’s people gathered in the theater to hear the news.

“Everyone, the winner of the Perry’s Place spot for mayor is- Alice?” The Announcer states with a confused look on his face. “Is this true?”

“Sorry, Josey,” said Alice. “I guess everyone just liked me better.”

“Well, folks, I guess we have our new mayor. Good try, Josey,” The announcer declares in a weary voice.

“Yes, it worked!” Alice states to herself. “My plan worked! I fooled everyone to believe I won this election!” Fortunately, Josey overhears Alice speaking to herself once again.

“This can’t be right,” I think to myself. “Why does everyone have a confused look on their face? O-“

“I object!” Josey yells to the audience. “Alice cheated!”

“Wait, no I didn’t!” Alice declares.

“Yes you did! I overheard you talking to yourself that you cheated!” I exclaim.

“Alice, did you change out the ballots?” Asks the announcer.

“Okay fine! I did!” yells Alice. “It’s true! I just wanted to win and I knew I couldn’t when I was up against Josey!”

“Alice you are removed from the position of mayor and you’re not allowed to run for office again,” the announcer declares in a confident voice. “Security, take her off to jail!

“Wait! No! Alice pleads. “I’ll get you some day Josey! Some day!”

“Well, folks, we have our new mayor!” announcer the announcer. “Give it up for Josey!”

“Well, Josey, another day done when you did the right thing. You should never cheat in a competition,” I thought to myself as the crowd calls my name in excitement. “That’s one and only thing that you learned from Alice!”

“Thank you for doing the right thing, Josey,” The announcer states to me. “You saved the city from disaster.”

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