The trees that came to life

September 29, 2008
I was raking levees when I heard a rustle. Then another and another then my hole pile shook. In awe I stood glued to the ground.
More levees moved then the tree net to my fence shook. Then the branches began to sway. I heard sounds coming from the tree. Then I saw something I just couldn’t believe. The tree was lifting its self out of the ground with the roots wiggling like snakes. Dumb founded I stood there frozen. Not knowing if this was real or fake I stood there just frozen.
In other yards this phenomenon was occurring. Soon there was an army of trees standing about five feet away from me! I could not move. I heard a crackle crackle pop as the trees progressed through my yard. I did not know what these trees wanted. Maybe they wanted to make peace with the humans. Maybe they wanted to wage war. The trees cast shadows in the afternoon light.
The trees spoke in very deep menacing voices. They said we want peace with your kind. The tree that had come from my yard apparently was the leader of all of the trees as they had flocked to him like moths to a light in the dark. The tree’s name was Harold Barker. Harold was a tall oak who appeared to be about 100 yeas old judging by the width of the trunk of him.
The trees said that they travel in packs and most live in the major cities that we know as forests. More and more people were rushing to the sight of the trees looming in the distance. All of the sudden Harold turned to the mob of people asked us for our leader. Of course our leader was the president, but no one knew how to contact this mighty man.
After countless tries we finally reached the white house. Harold and the governor of Colorado Talked for many many hours and finally the phone conversation ended. In the end of that grueling two hours The president had decided that he would come to my house.
We waited and waited and finally a day later a brigade of cars came rolling down the street. It indeed was the president of the United States. The tree and the president walked in to my house and we hear loud talking. During that hour or so we sat watching the door. Then both the president and the tree walked out of the house and announced that they have made a compromise. That compromise was that the humans would only chop down dead trees instead of living trees.

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