The Void

October 20, 2008
By Will Kammerer, Cincinnati, OH

The door slammed and locked behind the boy. He was now stuck in a room of an unknown size and unknown content. The room was absolute nothingness. The child stood trembling in fear of what was or was not before him. His sense of sight was worthless. His eyes dilated to an unimaginable size; they strained to see anything at all. They groped the blackness for something tangible, but it wasn’t there. He couldn’t step forward. There could be a bottomless pit a foot away that he could fall into. He could plummet for eternity. He couldn’t bear to reach out and feel anything. There could be a knife protruding from a wall directly in front of him just waiting for him to reach out and touch the blade so it could rip his hand open. He stood absolutely still. His pained, reaching eyes saw something. There was the pitch black silhouette of a large man a few feet in front of him in the pitch black vastness of the room. The form blended in perfectly with the blackness. The mystifying figure was gone. The child didn’t know if it was ever even there. It could have been his imagination, but what if it wasn’t? As an acknowledgement of this threat he took a step back. He then came back to a level of calmness as he realized the accomplishment he just achieved. He ran away from where he saw the form. Moments after he started running, he realized that there was a door that he should have run in to. He should have stepped back right into it. The sense of panic returned. He was lost. He kept running. There was nothing else but running. He heard his breathing as it grew heavy from tiredness. He realized that he didn’t hear his footfalls. He didn’t feel the ground beneath him. His steps should have echoed in such a large space. He couldn’t stop himself from running. He was in an all out sprint towards nothing and away from nothing. He felt no wind against him and no pressure on his feet. He had lost all sense of time. He didn’t know how long he ran, but it felt like hours, or days, or months. For the first time he tried to look back. When he did, he felt dizzy. He started spinning out of control. His limbs flailed for something tangible. His eyes tried to grasp some kind of object in this void. He screamed as loud as he could. He felt his air rush from his lungs, but heard nothing. He was floating in a fracture in existence. He felt the absoluteness of being alone. This was the most supreme form of it. There couldn’t be nothingness. It had to be filled. He would be the one to fill it. He took hold of the nothingness and broke it. A stream of light began to pour from the crack in the abyss. The light flowed like water. He was able to orient Himself by calling the direction it flowed to be down. He reached into the crack and felt a solid, round object. He brought it out. He put it under the flow of light so He could see it. It was an orb ornately adorned with swirls of blue and green. He looked back towards the darkness and shuddered. It needed to be filled. He splashed the light in every direction and watched it scatter. He crushed the sphere in His fist and watched the pieces disperse. He had begun to fill the emptiness. All of the sudden there was a colossal noise of metal on wood. It was the click of the lock. The door squeaked open. The abyss vanished and was replaced by a blinding light.
They walked in to see their friend sprawled on the floor of the broom closet.
Blood trickled from somewhere on his head. He shielded his eyes. He now could fathom the deepness of the absoluteness of being alone.

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This article has 2 comments.

on Oct. 29 2008 at 1:48 am
WILL!!!! this is amazing!!!! I NEVER KNEW!!!! <3Nancy

on Oct. 25 2008 at 8:55 pm
This by far has been one of the best stories I've ever read. Keep up the good work! I hope to see more of your work on this website! My friend and I both agree that we actually feel like we're in the closet with him. It's highly descriptive and very well written. I hope this gets published in their actual magazine! <3


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