About a lil girl and her Angel dad

October 20, 2008
One cloudy day a lil girl looked up at the sky and started to wonder about things most lil girls shouldn't have to think about. She can't understand why her daddy left her. She feels like she had been abandon. She thinks she's all alone in the world and that no one can feel her pain. Tears begin to fall from the lil girls’ eyes as it begins to rain. She hears a voice from behind that scares her. It’s a deep voice, a voice she's never heard before. She slowly turns around to find a man staying on the other side of the room, dressed in a white and wearing angel wings. She Screams out DADDY! And runs up to him, recognizing him from a photograph she keeps on her dresser of them together when she was just a few weeks old. She starts to ask him question after question without giving him the time to answer. He tells her to Hush. She steps back as he takes her hand and knell’s down to her. He tells her should is never alone and when she feels pain he also feels her pain. He told her that he never wanted to leave her. He couldn't explain why he did he just said you will one day understand, but till then just remember every time the rain falls it’s me feeling your pain and missing not being here to watch you grow up. And every time the sun is shining it’s me smiling down at you. He lightly kissed her on the forehead as he stood up. Before he disappeared she told him I’m always going to be your lil girl and you’re always going to be my angel dad. He looked down at her one last time with a smile on his face and whisper I love you before she had the chance to say it back he was gone, she ran to the window and looked out as the sun began to come out again she smiled and said "I love you to dad."

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