Tales of the Cul-de-sac

October 20, 2008
By Reed Antonich, Pittsburgh, PA

“Eli! Wake up! What Butters……? Murphy is chasing Petunia’s falcons
again! We better go get the Gobstoppers then.” Eli and Butters are orphans who built a tree house in Petunia’s tree. Murphy, Eli’s bear always gets into mischief. Chester, Ruphas, and Snoopy are the Gobstoppers. They are great friends to Eli and Butters and always help when needed.” Ding, dong. Chester, get Ruphas and Snoopy! Is Murphy chasing Petunia’s falcons again? No time for questions. Let’s go! Snoopy said.”

“Butters toss the rope! said Ruphas.” He grabbed the rope and got it around the hook on Murphy’s collar.” Everybody pull! “ yelled Eli. After Eli yelled, Petunia came out and helped pull. Petunia was nice, but she got a little bossy sometimes. Everyone pulled as hard as possible, but Murphy was stronger. He pulled them all the way to Eclipse’s house. Eclipse was 12 years of brains. He had all kinds of gadgets in his house. There was Eclipse, working on a……Well I don’t know what he was working on. It was tall, circular, and had a lot of wires. “ No! yelled Eclipse. Don’t let him run into…” All of a sudden, all of the kids holding on to the rope disappeared. “Aw no!

“Jeez, what happened?” mumbled Eli.” Butters? Ruphas? Snoopy, Chester? Petunia? Murphy?” Eli got up and saw everyone standing in a line staring, speechless, at the significant maze in front of them. “ Now what?” said Chester.” You always have the ideas Eli.” Uh……. I guess we should find our way through the maze.” Are you crazy?” “We would get lost for ever!” suggested Butters. “ Where did Murphy go?” “There he is, near the entrance!” “He smells something.” “No, he sees my falcons.” said Petunia. “Follow Murphy!”

“Slow down, Murphy!” yelled Butters. Murphy turned to look back just to see Butters walking very slowly. Murphy walked over to Butters and flipped her on to his back. Then Snoopy heard a cracking noise. She turned around and found Eclipse trying to catch up. “Where are we?!” demanded Snoopy. “Well…..I really don’t know, but we can probably get out of here by finishing the….” “I no, finish the maze. We already went through that.” screamed Ruphas. “Ok.”

“Its been three hours now!” shouted Snoopy.” When will we find the exit?” “ I don’t know.” explained Eclipse. “What!” shouted Snoopy. “It’s a dead end!” “Wait, do you guys see that figure?” “ Yes, that one behind the wall!” “Its coming toward us!” Murphy started growling as loud as possible. All of a sudden they saw the figure snap its fingers. “SNAP!” Next thing they knew, they were on the ground in Petunia’s backyard. “Kids do you want to come in and have some hot chocolate?” yelled Petunia’s mom. “Yes please!” yelled all the kids. As they were walking into Petunia’s Eli said “ No comments…….Until tomorrow.”

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