October 20, 2008
By Geri Spinosa, Baton Rouge, LA

Arria was tired. She had just got back from a party and it was past midnight.
Why do these parties last so long anyway? she thought. Her friend Robin decided to make this week National Fairy Party Week,and it really was because she was the princess. At least tomorrow is Sunday,no parties on Sunday-it's the law, and even Robin can't break the law. thought Arria. She changed into her night gown,he favorite one with the wing slits just the right size. Arria was different from the other fairies,in more ways than one.The other fairies had beautiful butterfly wings, while she had what looked like eagle wings. They all had white-blond hair and she had black hair. She was an outcast to them. That was until Robin came along. They met on a Friday. Arria was out side cutting grass for money so that she could buy food. Robin saw her, took one look at the rags that were her cloths, and grabed her hand and took her to the castle she gave her a feast, a house, a good job, and most important, a friend. Arria owed Robin everything.

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