October 20, 2008
By colton baker BRONZE, Salem, Oregon
colton baker BRONZE, Salem, Oregon
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There is a thought in the middle of my mind. It stalks my concious like a wild beast. Waiting wanting fighting, To get out of its cage. Thats full of rage.
This is too big to hold onto now. This beast has grown and grown to outragious size. I must let it go i must let it be free or it might ruin me. I need to stop this thought that stalks my mind.
" Whats on your mind" They say so you just step away. Defensivly yell. "NOTHING" like always " nothing at all..." but they know. they no something is wrong. They can here the rattleing cage. They pry a little deeper. " You sure?" "YES!" I knew my friend new they had to know the thought that stalks.
it needs to let to be let out. This burden is too much for anyone to hold. THis CAge is just so feild with rage.... CLICK

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