In the Wake of Greatness

October 19, 2008
Elementary, my dear Watson the cat sprang from the couch to the floor was stained red with the blood of the dog barked from behind the fence at the man slinked down the sidewalk was cracked and worn from years of use and neglect on the part of the town had been lost in time as a permanent place of hoop skirts and bolo ties hung from the department store’s pegs stuck in The Wall came down in 1989 representing the fall of communism in European men in loose silk shirts and berets sat smoking cigarettes killed by the Hound of the Baskervilles, but c’est la vie.

Monsieur Mersault shot an Arab on a sun soaked Algerian beach in a trance that likened to a dreamy swirls swished and splattered around in my mind the alligators—they bite your tongue and shut up went the glass elevator into the perfectly blue sky high planes left streams of exhaust as they flew overhead of the school’s main fault is that it limits the free speech of the students’ basketball team went all the way to States during his freshman year long snow fell down on the territory was barren and scarred black with volcanic ash and embers popped and sizzled in the fire cracked and its flames twirled up into the sky as it burned the forest was a massive creature that lived and breathed along with the animals were doomed to die someday because of the indifference of the world but that was the way of the world and Mersault wished for a large crowd on the day of his execution, but c’est la vie.

Orr was crazy because he wasn’t crazy and wanted to fly high up into the great blue yonder hills hide the wolves who eat the sheep bleated with malcontent as the Shepard sheered their coats were wet from the Dublin rain fell gently on my face as it cleansed me from my pain will be forever with you lost the woman you “Loved and lost is better than to never have loved at all,” he told himself in the sleepless hours of the night was black with despair was all he felt after he lost her cat was a pretty little beast with a white heart on his chest was big and brawny and one could tell that he had spent a great deal of time in the gym is also known as “Hell on Earth” is the planet on which we live each day to the fullest, Carpe Diem! Is the theme of Dead Poets’ Society is doomed to failed due to us not being crazy because we are, like Yossarian, but c’est la vie.

R.P. McMurphy was the only man on the ward who was not susceptible to the tyranny and control of Big Nurse was a sinister wench was a name used in Medieval times to describe women: without them men are Lost is an exceedingly confusing “Show me what you’re made of!” the contender yelled to the champion across the ring glinted in the light as he slid it on to her slender, pale finger as his heart pounded with anticipation hung in the air as the eager youth opened his Harvard acceptance “let ‘er go, she don’t deserve y’all!” yelled his Cajun mother from the decrepit porch as he ran for the truck screamed down the highway as its driver released the wheel and allow life to take the helm spun as the rudder twisted in the choppy seas were green as Cap’n Ahab searched for the White Whale was an allegory for perfection and revenge and hot it can never be attained in life was no longer worth living for Mac and Chief Bromden smothered him before running off towards freedom, but c’est la vie.

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