Lost on the Trail

October 18, 2008
By Brandon Kng, Charleston, WV

It was a misty day. The fog hung low down in the valley. I was on my way to a party at a state park. My cousin Joe, sat next to me in the car, fidgeting with the seat beat. When we got to the park, there was tons of people. Many of them I knew. Many I didn’t. My cousin and I sat on a bench for a while. After about an hour there, Joe got up and started walking down a dirt trail. I quickly followed behind him.
“Where are you going?” I asked. Joe turned around.
“I’m taking a walk.” said Joe.
“Where?” I asked.
“Anywhere but here.” said Joe.
The path lead up past an old pool that had been shut down 10 years before because it had collapsed. After about 10 minutes, we we’re out of the open field and entering the dark forest. The path started to become muddy and uneven. We walked and walked until we found a sign on the side of the path. I began reading it out load. “You are now entering the bog. It is home to many strange and rare plants and animals.” I looked around. It was filled with much mist. It was hard to see where you we‘re going. Maybe it was because my glasses were fogged up. After a couple minutes, we left the bog and entered a new area. There was a fork in the trail. One was named “Miner’s Trail” and the other was named “Bloody Trail”. We decided to take “Miner’s Trail”. We walked up a slop. At the top was an old coal mine. My cousin stopped. But I preceded. I felt like Indiana Jones when he had found the golden idol in the South American temple. Inside, a trickling of water could be heard. I walked out. My cousin was gone. I looked around but couldn’t find him. Then I looked up. He was up in a tree, shaking. “Look out!” he yelled. Behind me up on the hill was a huge black bear. It growled and bared it’s teeth. I started running. It chased after me. “I bet Indiana Jones never had to run from a bear!” I thought. “Even if he did, he would have his bullwhip by his side!” But I had no bullwhip to save me. I was on my own. I ran back until I got to the fork in the road. I ran up “Bloody Trail”. The bear was still behind me. All of a sudden, I found my self at a drop off. The bear charged at me. I jumped out of the way at the last moment, landing only inches from going over the edge. The black bear ran over the edge and rolled down the hill. When it hit the bottom, it got up, shook the dirt off its fur then dashed away into the mist. I went back to get Joe. He jumped out of the tree. “Is it gone?” he asked. “Yes.” I said. The two of us began the long walk back to the party. “I wonder how long well get grounded?” Joe asked. “How about we just tell our parents that we we’re chased up here by rabid squirrels.” I said frivolously. We both laughed and continued walking. This is one adventure we could never forget.

The author's comments:
I was inspired to write "Lost on the Trail" after I went on a walk through Kanawha State Forest in West Virginia and almost got lost with my cousin. The only thing we didn't see was a bear. But we did see a couple dear. I am a native to Charleston, West Virginia. During my spare time, I like to read stories, watch movies, and listen to music that inspires me. I am also a fan of action-adventure stories and movies.

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