October 18, 2008
By Amy Vennemeyer, West Chester, OH

Caroline rose from behind a dark tombstone that was covered in vines and other dead plants. Her skin was ghost-white and her hair was long and flowing, and midnight black. She picked her way around grave after grave, like a cat stalking helpless prey, as dead grass crunched beneath her feet.
"There it is," Ben informed Jacob in a hushed whisper. Jacob turned on a bright flashlight, and aimed it at Caroline's dark, angular figure. The bluish beam revealed a gown made of the finest black velvet and lace that looked like devilish, black spiderwebs. The sleeves were long and tight, and they skirted out at the ends, contrasting with white hands. Caroline's pale face complemented her dark-red lipstick and silvrey eye shadow. Her neck was slender and long, and it displayed a necklace made of black lace studded with small blood-red rubies. Jacob and Ben couldn't help but stare at this beautiful being.
Caroline, however, did not seem pleased with the presence of Jacob and Ben. She hissed and howled at the blinding light that Jacob continued to aim at her. Eventually, Caroline began running toward Ben and Jacob. She screamed her fury in and ear-piercing wail as her old-fashioned dress dragged and danced on the floor around her slipper-clad feet. As Caroline prepared to lunge at Jacob, she stepped on the hem of her dress and tripped. As she went tumbling to the floor, she destroyed one of the nearby styrofoam grave.
"Carly, are you alright?" Ben's concerned voice uttered as Jacob helped Caroline up.
"CUT!" screamed the director in his I'm-so-mad-I-could-explode voice. The director strode onto the set and glared at Ben, Jacob, and Caroline through narrow eyes. "Ben and Jacob," the director started in a furious voice, "you are zombie-hunters NOT zombie-helpers! If she falls, then she falls! Do not help her back up! Do you understand?"
"Yes sir," Jacob and Ben replied in unison. Their voices were coated with sincere apology.
"And you!" shouted the director as he pointed an accusing finger at Caroline. Caroline dared to glance at the director's face, but quickly regretted it. The director's face was bright red, going purple, and Caroline was positive that she saw a vein pulsing in his neck.
"Yes?" she managed to reply in a meek voice.
"If you lose your balance again, I will fire you faster than you can say 'sorry.' Is that clear?" The director shouted. His roaring seemed to shake the whole Earth with a force so great; it would make an earthquake look like child's-play. Caroline half-expected to see every building within eyesight to begin crashing to the ground.
"Yes sir," she whimpered.
The director began storming off the set, barking orders to everyone who wasn't already cleaning up the broken grave, or tending to an actor's make-up. Caroline watched the director disappear through the door, but before it closed, the director blared, "When I come back from this lunch break, the set should be in perfect condition, and all the actors better be ready to act, or we will need some real gravestones!"

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