Stake Out

October 18, 2008
By Darean Talmadge, Hampstead, MD

“Hey Mom.” I say as I slowly walk down the stairs. I am still half asleep and I shouldn’t

even be awake. It’s the summer and I woke up at 11:30

“You’re finally up I told you that I needed your help today with setting up for our ‘Mid- Summer

Bash’ You were supposed to be up at 9:00 ”

“Mom, it’s the summer ” I drag on but I doubt that she’s listening until I say, “Besides, who

celebrates ‘Mid Summer’?”

“We do Betty, I know that you may not understand this now, but it means so much to me.” She

pauses and begins to walk away when she blurts out, “ I invited the whole neighborhood so Allison

will be here.”

I resent telling her that I would tell help her. My brother, JimBob, should help her but he’s away

at a friend’s house. If I am lucky, he won’t be back for days, weeks, months, or maybe years. I sure

hope that it is years. Mom always compares me to him. She thinks that he is so perfect, I hate that

After hours of preparation, the doorbell rings. “Coming ” I then get yelled at by my mom for

answering the door “like that”. I open the door and a strange looking man is there. Amazingly, he is

claiming to be my father! My father The father that I have never met before. “Mom ” The man
invites himself in and sits down on the couch. When my mom walks down the stairs, she gasps.
“Jacob, why are you here? You are NOT supposed to be here. Leave ” At the thump of the door,

mom explains that Jacob IS my father. She also adds that he is a “good for nothing jerk” that “left

us when we needed him most ” This was great I met my horrible father and now I have to go host

some stupid party

The doorbell rings again and this time mom answers it. I think that was a better idea than me

answering the door again.

Next thing I know, the house is full of complete strangers. I am hating this but just for mom, I put

on a happy face and carry on. Ally and I go outside and as we walk outside, a moving truck pulls

into the parking spot across the street. Two ladies in fancy suits jump out and start unloading the


Ally and I look at each other. We are both thinking the same thing. Why in the world would you

move into a new house in fancy suits? Since we are both suspicious, we run into the house and ask

if Ally can spend the night. Our parents say okay so we are in

We return outside where we make our stake out plan. We have to stay up all night, keep a

journal, and spy into their house with binoculars. Ally said that looking into someone’s house with

binoculars is illegal. We discuss this for a little while and decide to do it anyway. We name the
brunette “Susan” and the blonde is “Jaime”.

Now that the party is over, te stake out begins. Our journal entries read:

7:00- Susan and Jaime leave

8:37- Susan and Jaime return

9:15- Susan and Jaime leave

10:45- they return with a dog

11:58- they leave in red suits

12:32- They return in blue suits

After all of this coming and going...we go... to sleep. We will confront them tomorrow.

“Betty, wake up. It’s 10:15. I was so excited that I couldn’t sleep. We walk downstairs for

breakfast. When we’re done, we got dressed. From there, we run outside. As we sit on my front

porch, the two ladies walk out of their house. Allison and I aren’t masterminds so, we did this.

We quickly approached “Susan” and “Jaime” and asked them about their coming and going. We

found out that their jobs require them to be on 24/7 call. They were dressed up because the owner

was in the office everyday this month. The dog is explained because they are dog sitting for a friend

at work. We later found out that “Susan”’s name was Jennifer and “Jaime”’s real name was


I guess that this incident had good and bad results. Some good results were that my mom got to
know Jen and Dede. I got to know my dad and he’s not such a bad guy. A bad result was that I was

grounded for a week. It was probably good that Jen and Dede weren’t part of the F.B.I., because if
they were, I don’t know what we would have done.

“Don’t make assumptions.” That is the lesson that my mom now stresses. That is also the

lesson that I will teach my kids. Yeah, then my mom and I can laugh every time I say


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