Vincent of the white flame Part 2

October 17, 2008
Earlier that same day in a future era.

Maru got up from bed and went to her closet for the same old clothes she had to buy herself. Once dress she went downstairs, her mother on the couch with a beer, and grabbed a bite to eat before closing the door to her upsetting life at home. Looking up she saw the dark clouds growing in size, rain was coming and it was going to be a storm. Snapping back to reality she looked at her watch and hurried to the school passing a cave. Climbing the stairs two at a time and ran to the door, as she took to her seat in the back the bell rang.
‘Just in time…’ she thought to herself as she quietly sat in her seat.
“Well, good morning class!” the teacher, Mrs. Horncut, yelled over the noise of the class as they got to their seats.
“Good morning Mrs. Horncut!” the students, not including Maru, said in unison.
“Today we have a treat we are going to see an old sacred cave just outside of town! This cave is supposed to hold a secret. The rumor is that it is a portal to another era! Now then get your stuff and follow me to the busses!”
Groans and whispers went through out the crowds, as for Maru she was excited to go and see an old sacred cave. Once on the bus the teacher gave an announcement that no one was to enter the cave, that done she took role call. The bus jerked forward and started off to the cave, about ten minutes later they were there, as the bus jerked to halt and the class disembarked. They headed to the site, Maru got there last but saw a weird light, and as the teacher talked Maru couldn’t keep her eyes off the cave it felt like she was being drawn in by the weird aura. About an hour later they packed up and went to the buss, but Maru stayed behind right next to the cave entrance. Two boys went next to her and pushed her into the cave, the rope that was in front of it snapped and she went tumbling in. Suddenly a purplish light surrounded her in a warm sensation that made her sleepy. In a couple of minutes she had a sensation of floating, then she felt the cold and hard floor of the rocky cave. She looked up and saw the light of the sun warming the rocky floor of the sacred cave she got up and walked groggily to the face of the cave. She shielded her eyes from the blinding light. The air was cool on her face and the trees were as big as houses. She walked through the forest lost and not knowing what to do.

“Maybe I just fell through the cave and it ended at a forest? Hmm, which way would the road be then?” she asked herself. The forest was getting thicker and thicker as she moved along. Hearing a twig snap she whirled around and found herself face to face with a gruesome demon. The demon was large, spikes on the top of his head, long finger nails, and his body was made of a brown leathery skin. She screamed as a giant fist came down at her.

“Get down!” yelled a voice from behind her. “Demon you are not welcomed here!” yelled the voice now in front of her, his silvery white hair blowing in the breeze. As the demon advanced his sharp nails inching closer to Maru’s savior, he also raised his razor sharp claws. In the instant they would meet and see whose claws would win, her savior jumped up above the demon and brought his claws down neatly through the demon’s flesh.

“Ah!” was the cry from the killed demon, as the demon was blown away by the wind.

“Feh, vermin,” he turned around and faced her. She gasped as her eyes meet his and climbed to the top of his head. There a pair of silvery white wolf ears twitched back and forth. “Are you ok, human?”

“Uh… yeah I am. Who are you?” she asked him through sun glared eyes.

“My name is Vincent. I’m a half demon wolf. And you are?”

“Maru, that’s my name. Uh… do you know where I am?” Maru looked around at the trees.

“Huh? You don’t know where you are? Do you have a concussion or somethin’?” he asked folding his arms on his chest. His ears flicked behind him, “Huh?” He looked behind him and saw villagers, some on horses and some not, riding behind. They jabbed out their pitchforks and farming tools toward Maru. “What do you people want now?”

“It’s Vincent! Vincent is still alive? We thought he was dead!” the whispering murmurs of the villagers came from all around them.

“Nay, He is alive! I knew he was from the moment that sacred aura came!” a young voice shouted among the villagers in their hushed silence. A young woman with priestess clothing, riding a brown horse came from among the villagers. “Hello once more Vincent, it’s been awhile, has it not?”

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