The Craziest Day I Ever Had

October 19, 2008
By Stephanie Verdin, Baton Rouge, LA

One day I saw Dracula in broad daylight, yelling, "I....AM....GEORGE....
because he had amnesia. Then a mummy was trying to speak English, but he said stuff wrong. "Cun ee huv a dunteest? EE nerd ai deenteest neow!"
He didn't have teeth. MUMMIES DON'T HAVE TEETH!!! Then I ran over to the mummy and said, "Your bandages are undone!" He grabbed his bandages and
jumped in a car. He then put on heavy metal and yelled, "UH AIM GUNNA BOY MI A DUCTUR!!!!!!! AHHHHHH!!!!" Then a witch threw me at the mayor and the next thing I know I'm getting married to Bigfoot. He said that he wanted to have our Honeymoon in a mine field, but I ran out of his house before he could get me in his car. I flew in a lake flat on my face and Nessie (the Loc Ness Monster) sold me a restraunt and my family became millionares. Well, this is crazy, very crazy, and up to this day, I don't know why all of that happened. I just roll on the floor laughing after I think of this.

The author's comments:
I hope that you enjoy this, because I tried really hard to make it enjoyable. I like to be crazy sometimes, but not like jumping in a car and driving it off the coast of Florida. Just silly crazy.

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