A fairies life

October 14, 2008
By Anonymous

You see a large oak tree with a beautiful nice sized pond full of lilly pads and dragonflies. next to the pond you have a little log. The log is just about the size of a medium sized magnolia tree. After you leave tiny creatures start to appeare. The reason no one could ever proove faries existed was because faries are the most wisest creatures on earth and they know not to even think about going near any humans. as a fairy uses beetles and lady bugs as their cars they eat rose peddles and use the stems to make beds and other furniture. They also eat pinapple and use the outside as hair brushes. when a fairy dies their is silens for about an hour and life goes on. When a fairy gets married they are blessed with a beautiful cerimony and a new beetle (car). fairies do not make any mistakes the only mistakes they ever make is if they were born a klutz. that cuncludes the life of a fairy.

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