Where am I?

October 7, 2008
I am from an imperfect cracked mirror that happens to be everywhere
And the busy cars zooming by my house to the town’s main street
From “ Hey, what you doin‘ this weekend?”
And the best friendship EVER over four years from Joey Bodway.

I am from excitement of bright music playing in my room
And from a goody, goody gumdrop on the side a ginger bread house
From somewhere daydreaming in the fluffy clouds flying above us
And “ Yep, love you too mego major!”

I am from the warm and cozy blankets lying on my bed waiting for me at night
And the warmth of freshly made corn on the cob coated with a layer of salted butter
From “ I told you so, now that’s a first!”
And from the black bottons “L-O-V-E” on the on the keyboard of the flat screen computer

I am from the dark stain paint lying in the sunlight on the deck
And the frightened dirty old boards underneath the shed
From that fresh smelling air
And the green grass growing beneath our feet.

I am from the pictures of the past in a smelly
Shoe box of my brothers called,

“ The Box of HOT Memories!!”

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