Ella's Enchanted Evening

November 13, 2013
It was a brisk October afternoon in the New York penthouse Cinderella, age fourteen and better known Ella, shared with her two stepsisters, Rose Marie and Elizabeth, both of whom never went to college. The three girls lived with Tiana, Ella’s stepmother. Ella’s father had passed away the previous summer. Ella, being five years younger than one of her step sisters, and eight years younger than the other, was often very lonely, for Tiana was never home very much, and her step sisters didn’t find much pleasure in her company. Ella was very tall, had waist-length dark brown hair with natural caramel highlights, unlike her stepsisters’ monthly-dyed hair, and she had piercing blue eyes. She was often very silent, yet could be outgoing when she wanted, and was uneasily put down by others.

Ella’s BFF (best fairy friend) was Jasmine, mainly known as Jaz. Jaz was actually a fairy, but very few people knew that about her. It was a Friday afternoon, and Jaz was going to be sleeping over at Ella’s house that night. The two girls suddenly heard shrieking coming from the room Rose Marie and Elizabeth were in at the time, so they rushed into that room to find a shredded envelope at the foot of one of the beds, and Rose Marie and Elizabeth doing a dance that looked like they might be having a seizure. Ella asked what they were so excited about, but the girls couldn’t hear her over their own screeching. Ella then proceeded to whistle, quite loudly, and then Elizabeth and Rose Marie turned their attention towards her. Ella asked, yet again, what they were talking about, and the two girls told Ella and Jaz that they had just gotten an invitation to the grand opening of coolest new club in New York City. Jaz, being the outgoing girl she was, then inquired if she and Ella were allowed to attend. The two stepsisters both hollered at the same time, “No!” and then slammed the door to their room.

What Rose Marie and Elizabeth hadn’t noticed was that Jaz had ever so subtly acquired the envelope that the invitation was mailed in. It was addressed to “Don, Tiana, Rose Marie, Elizabeth, Cinderella, and Friends,” so Ella and Jaz were allowed to attend. Jaz personally had no interest in going, but since Ella did, Jaz, being a fairy, decided that she would help Ella prepare for the party.

First, Jaz had Ella find an iPad and a pair of headphones, which she turned into a private limo and chauffeur for Ella’s grand entrance. Jaz then proceeded to turn Ella’s sweatpants, t-shirt, and slippers into the most original outfit that was later described as a punk rock gone girly. This outfit had many fake piercings and even included 10” platform heels in neon pink. For as complex as it looked, Ella later said that as uncomfortable as it may have looked, she found it almost as comfortable as her pajamas. Jaz was sure to remind Ella repeatedly that she had to be back in the penthouse by midnight before everything went back to normal.

As her limo crept down the busy New York City streets, Ella had much time to worry about anything, and almost everything that could go wrong. One thing she constantly kept imagining was being caught by Rose Marie and Elizabeth, both of whom would jump at the chance to turn her in to Tiana for leaving the house without permission. By the time the limo had found its way to the club, which was hard to miss, considering the number of lights surrounding it, it was almost nine-o’clock. Ella only had three hours to be home, and it would probably take at least a half hour to get back to her house, meaning she would need to be back in the limo by eleven thirty, if not before then.

As she approached the doors to the new club, she could help but feel a mixture of anxiety and nervousness. When the security guard asked for her name, she stated sheepishly, “E-E-Ella. Cinderella.” The security guard proceeded to open the door for her and she was in. The first thing she did was go and buy something to drink, for she was only able to find an iPad 1, which, when turned into a limo, did not come with a mini fridge. Once she had found a beverage, due to her love of music, she wandered towards the DJ’s table. She was only about ten feet away when one of them came up to her and asked her what her name was. They chatted for about forty-five minutes, during which, Ella found out that the boy’s name was Jason, and his dad was actually the club owner. Jason then invited Ella to dance, and coincidentally, that was just when a slow song started to play. They danced through the song, and when it was over, went to one of the nearby tables to sit down. After talking for only another ten minutes or so, Ella’s phone beeped, reminding her that is was eleven thirty and that she better get going.

Ella quickly rose out of her seat and proceeded to gather her jacket and purse. While she was doing so, Jason asked her where she was going, and when she didn’t respond, he tried to stop her from what she was doing, but it was too late, and she was already darting toward the exit. On her way out, she tripped and one of her shoes fell off, yet she still kept running. She ran with her other shoe in her hand towards the limo and told the chauffeur to take her home.

She made it home just in time, and surprisingly, Jaz was still there waiting for her. Once Ella was within earshot of her, Jaz began spurting questions until Ella just told her to be quiet and let her change. To Ella’s surprise, she was already changed and then she told Jaz everything that had happened that night. Then, the two girls went to sleep.

When they awoke, Rose Marie and Elizabeth were already jabbering about “The Girl and DJ” and “How cute of a couple they made” and even the fact that he was supposedly conducting a citywide search for her. As they overheard this, Jaz, knowing that the girl they were talking about was Ella, repeatedly kept slapping Ella’s arm out of excitement. When the Ella asked what Rose Marie and Elizabeth were talking about, they just responded, in unison, “Nothing.”

Neither Jaz nor Ella heard anything about the DJ until about six months later, when there was a knock on the door. Jaz was, yet again sleeping over at Ella’s house, but this time because Ella’s birthday was the next day. As they scurried down the stairs, they soon discovered that Elizabeth had gotten the door, and of course, Rose Marie was at her side. Ella was shocked that, standing in her doorway, was the DJ from the club. Once they were finally all the way down the stairs, and standing beside Rose Marie and Elizabeth, they heard what Jason wanted. Holding the shoe Ella had lost six months ago, he proceeded to ask is any of the girls would like to try walking in the shoe. Rose Marie and Elizabeth jumped at the chance, for, if they could, Jason said that he would take them out to dinner at his father’s club.

No matter how hard they tried, neither Rose Marie nor Elizabeth could walk properly in the shoe. When it Ella’s turn, she happily took the shoe and walked back and forth in it, not missing a beat. Jason then recognized her as the girl he had met in his father’s club, minus the funky clothing she had worn then. He then proceeded to ask her if she would go out with him, and she said that she would.

Now it has been ten years since that had happened, Jason and Ella dating all throughout those years. They are now planning their wedding and as to this date, consider themselves the luckiest and happiest couple ever to live.

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