October 14, 2008
By Samantha Witty, Locke, NY

The hum of florescent lights keeps the room just barely noisy. Squeaking chairs add to the annoying rhythm of shuffling feet. The endless murmur or a voice, the teacher or the student, I'm not sure which but I don't really wanna pay attention right now. I'm zoning out. All I'm thinkin about is the long drive home and man am I hungry! The sound of my favorite song bring me out of my daze. Ok it is not playing in my head this time. You could hear the muffled words coming from somewhere in the room. A particular male voice was singing along with the words of
"She's My Cherry Pie…."
The song got louder and the student were turning and spinning in every direction adding to the annoying noises. They were even checking themselves to find who was going to get in trouble.
Crap! I reach toward my pocket, pushing the two outside buttons through the rough fabric of my jeans, the music instantaneously stopped. Everyone is still looking and laughing. Kattie looks strait at me. She smiles and we both burst out into laughter we know that ring tone well, we know whom it belongs to but no one else knows. The bell screeches in its dismissal Kattie and I hop up and walk out the door. Kattie stands with me at my locker while I flip open my phone to kill the volume. The light clicking of the buttons is quieter in the hallways than the bathrooms I have learned that it echoes in the private room with no one else there to cover the noise. The angry pound of sharp shoes warns me and pulls me out of my thoughts as they come close I slide my illegal electronically device up my sleeve of my hoodie. Just in time to be spun around. And here I realize I'm facing the wretched Spanish teacher.
"Were you just texting in the School young lady?" She demanded
"No" I declared trying to suppress my laughter at the faces Kattie was making
"Yes you were."
"Honestly I wasn't texting in school" I gave her my obnoxious hand on my hip attitude. I knew she was going to make me late. Besides, I technically was not texting I was just turning down my volume, though I had every intention of texting or doing something that I was sure was against the policy of the school as soon as this dinosaur got away from me.
"Well give me your phone."
I laughed in my head I loved this trick. I lifted my hands and turned around in a slow circle.
"Do you see a cell phone on me?"
My faded blue jeans were just tight enough to tell there was no phone or any other electronic device on my person (not visible anyway) and I didn't carry a purse on this particular day.
A toilet flushed like a title wave taking away anything she had thought of saying. She huffed and walked away the clicking of her razor's hiting the ground was ringing through the now empty halls. Putting my hands down I reach in the pocket on the inside of my sleeve the zipper groaning open I pull out my phone snapping it open, a quick glance tells me that my suspicions were true the old bat had made us late again. I snap it close the noise sounding final like a deal just closed. Shoving the illegal equipment back into my front pocket from which it had originally come. Hastily I grabbed Kattie and ran down two halls our steps echoing in the dead silence as we approach the door we slip in the class unnoticed. The scraping of hard lead pencils against the boards sketching, the squishing of paint on the brushes and yet again back to the humming of those stupid lights.

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on Oct. 23 2008 at 7:54 pm
that's good... i think. lol. I mean, nice writing except for a few errors that come with fast typing. lol. I liked it, and the idea was okay, however, i feel like there wasn't a full idea. lol. well, i felt like the idea wasn't full enough.


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