October 15, 2008
By Alicia Schmidt, Milwaukie, OR

How could he do this to me? How? How? HOW? Why would he hurt me like this? I paced the short distance across my bedroom floor. Tears stained my cheeks. I wasn’t sad, but tears came with every extreme emotion for me. In this case I was seriously pissed off.

I had always liked Ian. He was every thing I had ever wanted and then some. After all he was absolutely perfect! The six months we had spent together had seemed like some sort of heaven.
It had seemed like he liked me too. His gentle kisses, the way he talked to me. The way he had held me and said my name when we were alone.
How could he just go off with another girl?
“Kila?” a man’s voice called. It was soft, gentle…apologetic?
“What do you want?” I choked.
“Can I come in?” he asked.
Why did I recognize that voice? It wasn’t dad, but who else would be outside begging to come in. it defiantly was not Ian.
“If you must.” I muttered. I stopped my pacing and turned my back to the door my arms crossed. Who ever it was I didn’t want to look at them.
The handled rattled and the door creaked open. The squealing grated on my fried nerves. I closed me eyes.
“Kila? Are you mad at me?” I felt a hand on my shoulder.
I whipped around my fist ready.
Ian caught it.
“What the hell are you doing here?” I screamed.
“I’ll take that as a yes.”
“You idiot!” I hit him in the chest with my other hand. “What the hell do you want with me now? Here to break it off?” I screamed and sobbed at the same time- sorrow and rage flowing from my eyes and dripping off my nose and chin.
I had loved him. He had hurt me.
“No!” he sounded hurt.
Good. I just wanted him to feel a little of what I felt.
“I came to fined out what’s wrong.” He took hold of my wrists and pinned them to my sides. “But if you want…”
“Oh! You’re trying to have us both are you? Patch it with the one you hurt, so if one bores you, you can go to the other one? I can’t believe you!” I turned my head away, but that was about all I could do.
“What are you talking about?” he let go of one of my wrists to force me to look at him.
His mistake.
I punched him if the chest again. For some reason I couldn’t bring myself to hit his face.
“Hey! What are you doing?” he grabbed my free wrist again.
“Your own damn fault cheater!”
“You’re beating me for…. Wait! Is that what this is about? You think I’m cheating?”
“And what if I do.” I turned my head away this time ashamed of what I had said.
“You’re wrong! Kila! You’re wrong!” he shook me. “Why would I cheat on you?”
“I’m not enough.” I sniffed.
“Kila, I… I…”
“You what? Come on- what!” I taunted.
“I… I think… I think I might love you.”
I froze. Did he just say that? Did Ian just say that he loved me? My mind couldn’t comprehend it. Ian? … Love me?
“But… the redhead.” I mumbled absently.
“Who?” he raised an eyebrow. Apparently he had recovered his irritating sense of humor.
“Taunt me why don’t you.” I muttered. The shock wearing off. “The girl- two days ago- kissed you. She had a red bob.” I forced myself to look him strait in the eyes.
They were a beautiful dark brown. The pupils were almost indistinguishable from the iris.
My heart jumped in my chest and my breathing became erratic.
Crap! Why do I have to react like that? Surprising how little control I have over my own body.
“Oh. She’s a girl in my Spanish class. I helped her study for the test. She was… very happy. I told her to back off. I had a girl and had no intention of cheating of leaving. She left me alone after that.”
I laughed and choked on it. “I feel so stupid.” I sniffed loudly and wiped my eyes.
“Its o.k.” he kissed my nose. “I’m gonna let you go now. You’re not planning on attacking me again are you?”
“No I guess not.”
He let me go and pulled my into a huge, warm hug.
I gulped and put my arms around his waist to hug him back.
“Just don’t start cryin’ on me.” He laughed and rubbed my back.
“O.k.” I laughed and sniffed again. I hugged him a little tighter.
We stood I silence until I had calmed down and my face was normal.
“C’mon, Pixie, lets go do something. I’m bored.” Ian gave me a squeeze and pulled me out the door.

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on Dec. 28 2008 at 10:12 pm
Dear Alicia,

You seem to have a gift for pulling the reader into your story with vivid, compelling language and dialogue. Keep writing! A tip one of my professors gave to me about my own writing: Proofread your piece outloud. It's much easier to catch typos and other errors if you hear yourself speaking the words while you read. Multi-sensory strategies increase the odds of perfecting your work, which increases the chance of impressing editors and getting published :>)

Congratulations on appearing here!!! Blessings on your future endeavors.

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