The Three Sisters

October 15, 2008
By Anonymous

Once upon a time there were three sisters. Their names were, Angelica the eldest sister, Ashleigh the middle sister, and Allison the youngest sister. The three sisters loved each other with all their hearts when they were growing up. They never said an unkind word to one another and they were always cheerful and amiable. Their parents, a duke and a duchess were happy as well.

One day their father came to them and said, “Tomorrow your mother and I will die. I want you to spread our riches evenly between the three of you so you will have dowries for good husbands and riches to attract him to you.” The three sisters thought about what their father said when they went to bed that night.

As much as they wanted riches they loved their parents far more and decided that they would watch over their parents and make sure nothing happened to them. So Angelica, Ashleigh, and Allison got up watched over their parents.

When their father got up he tripped and almost fell but Angelica caught him and nursed his scrapes. Then their mother almost fell out of bed but Ashleigh and Allison caught him just before he fell. Fate saw this and was very angry, for Fate had planned for these things to kill them.

Angelica, Ashleigh, and Allison kept outwitting fate all day. Making sure that food was eaten, spills were cleaned, and sharp objects were put away. They didn’t leave their parents alone. “We are not dead!” their mother cried as soon as the sun set on the dangerous day.

“No…but you will be,” Fate muttered. The next day the same things happened and more! This time when cooking breakfast the girls’ parents started to throw the pots and pans at each other! Then when everything had finally settled down they threw the food out.

Angelica knew that these things couldn’t be coincidences and she knew that Fate was trying to kill her parents. By now Death was in on the scheme too for Death wanted to have their parents’ souls. “We will outwit them!” it shrieked.

That day every moment was a close call. The girls became so tired they had to call in the servants to help do daily tasks. “We cannot survive this for long,” their father muttered. “Oh do not say such things husband! If we survived one day can we not survive two, or three…or more?” said their mother comfortingly.

Fate and Death had been outwitted so many times they needed an expert. They called upon God to help them kill the girls’ parents but he refused. Then the Devil was called upon and he accepted.

The Devil knew that if he could get Fate and Death on his side he could defeat God. That day the girls kept their parents from dying but with the Devil’s power and influence a few broken bones could not be avoided. That night the girls realized they wouldn’t be able to keep their parents alive forever. If they were to continue this they would surely die themselves.

That night while watching their parents the girls called upon the will of God and asked for strength to help them carry out their task. God ordered Gabriel to go down and bring the girls and their parents up to heaven.

Fortunately even the magic of the Devil, Fate, and Death could not penetrate the goodness of Heaven. “You girls truly love your parents don’t you?” God asked. The girls nodded in awe. “Well I will reward you.” Then the girls and their parents lived in Heaven in eternal glory and married the three great kings of the world.

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on May. 31 2009 at 1:59 am
Sydney(: BRONZE, N/a, New Hampshire
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This is so much different than any story i have read. I like it. Not love it. Like it

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