Wrath of the Sunset

October 14, 2008
As I sat under the tall, old tree, I imagined myself in a blissful wonderland. I gazed at the horizon. There was an amazing spectacle of color illuminating the sky. Colors danced around above my head, playing an invisible game of tag. I was transfixed by the vast array of sparkling stars in the early night.

I had heard my best friend tell me not to go out at sunset that night, but I discounted her warning. She was always trying to frighten me. I started to notice some things from Ramona's tale coming true. The landscape appeared to be twisting in front of my very eyes! The ground seemed to be falling beneath my feet. I started to panic. What if Ramona was right about my soul dying where I stood?

I shot to my feet. I looked around, searching for any sign of fearless souls among me. Everyone I saw was fleeing to safety. I alone was caught up in the sunset's wrath. Nothing could save me, and nothing could make me run. My feet were somehow glued to the grass underneath my boots. I lost the ability to move and to scream. It was as if the sunset was draining me of my soul!

Two Days Later. . .

I awoke in a deserted parking lot near Portland, Oregon. I was about two miles from the pasture I passed out in. I had no memories of how I got there or what happened during those two days. Somehow, I knew what direction to go. So, I set off in searchof my past life.

My friends found me at school, wandering aimlessly. I know I have no soul inside me. The sunset robbed me of it. I'm just an empty shell, and nothing more. I'm only typing you this message to warn you of the sunset. On October 31 of every year, the sunset chooses one soul to steal. You don't want to end up like me with no emotion. Stay out of the sunset on Halloween night, or you could fall victim to the merciless sunset.

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