The third-floor bedroom

October 14, 2008
It all began when someone left the window open. Mother Nature seeped and crept through every inch of that window. Life was beginning to be stored into each and every figure. The stuffed animals stretched and the fake flowers the boy’s mother placed in his room for decorations, extended their roots, but the best of all was the wallpaper. The beautiful white birds lay row by row came to life as if one stepped its pure wing off from the paper glued right to the wall. They all needed an escape. To let their wings soar and their legs run freely. Especially since the boy had grown. He was not home much anymore, he found himself with better things to do then to sit around and play childish games with animals that would never move and birds that could never fly so it was a miracle that day when someone left that window open, and in fact it was truly a gift. You see, when the boy, who was actually more of a teenager now, came home that afternoon, his room was an official circus. He had birds flying every which way, lions roaring, and flowers singing. He pinched himself to see if all was just a dream, but to his surprise he was living in reality. He was speechless. Thoughts wandered rapidly through his mind. All of a sudden the life figures stopped. They slowly began to look up at the boy, who was now a teen, just as confused as he was. Blank stares then took over the room. The teenager was mortified, so he yelled at the top of his lungs and ran as fast as he could out of the room and trembled down the staircase, and till this day he refuses to step foot into that circus of a room again. So the life in the room expanded and grew its way out of the window, now the animals roamed freely and the birds soared high above the clouds. The flowers bathe in rain and sleep in soft soil. They were free at last and it was all because of that morning when that boy forgot he opened his window.

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