Girl with the Horse Dreams

October 13, 2008
There was once this little girl and when she was younger all she wanted to do was be with horses. When she was about 5 she got the best birthday present, it was a pony that would be all hers. For those who don’t know what it is like owning a horse they are a really big investment. The days went by and the longer they would be together the love between them would get stronger. One night as she was going to bed she told her self, her parents, siblings and her friends that she would never ever leave the horses side. For her to say this just shows you how you can get attached to things. Now this isn’t the kind of little girl who’s parents are rich and she gets whatever she wants and is snobby, no this is the girl who shares a room with her little sister and her bigger sister has a small room next to her. Her parents aren’t rich but not really poor. For her 6th birthday the only thing she wished for was to have riding lessons. As her birthday was coming around the corner her friends asked her what she wanted. Her answer would always be “nothing” when she would say this her friends would be surprised. On the morning of her birthday she didn’t get what she wanted. Her parents said that if she got good grades and did some community service they would try their hardest to get lessons. By the middle of that year she accomplished her assignment, and got her wish. After a few years she started showing. In her showing career so far she got to winning show money which she use to help pay for her pony. It has been about 7 years she has moved on from a pony to a horse and has gotten really good. When she turned 14 she started to lose the interest in horses. By April she had sold her horse and all of her stuff and wanted to forget about it. The next month she hated animals with everything she had and never wanted to be near one. As she was graduating from high school her younger sister who was about 6ish started to ride horses. This reminded her too much of when she was that age and chose to go to a collage that had a horse program. Now she is one of the best horse back riders ever.

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