Text Book #365

October 15, 2008
By Anonymous

After years of sitting at the desks the only thing I remember are two girls passing notes and this one guy who was always sleeping, I think he was hung over or high, and my textbook number, but I can’t put any of that on a college application, at least I don’t think so.

The classrooms have changed and the teachers keep looking older and their hair gets longer but that’s about it. The students are usually the same. Five preps, six goths, nine or ten jocks, three geeks, two junkies, and three outcasts. Oh plus me. Don’t know what group to add myself to. Let’s say unprepared? Annoyed? Ignored? Apathetic? Yeah that’s it.

I don’t really like to tell names, I feel uncomfortable if I do so lets call me Joe. Not Bob because everyone makes fun of that name. I’m an average Joe. I get Cs in school; I’m not very creative or athletic. The only clubs I joined were Spanish club because I had to. And now I have to deal with college. Mom says I have to go to have options, Dad says I can be a trucker with him. I really don’t want to be a trucker.

My best friends are going to college. They’re okay with people knowing their names, Amanda and Jacob. They are applying to out of state and instate universities. I’m applying to McDonalds and Wendys. They say I can still make it because my GPA isn’t horrible and I do alright on tests but I could probably only make it into a junior college, with all the other failures. But I suppose that’s not failing, it’s just average. But I am really tired of being average Joe, I’d like someone to know me for something I did or do; not for junior college.

Mom is planning on kicking me out of the house as soon Dad leaves. Amanda and Jacob are going to instate colleges so I’ll be able to shack up with one of them. Hopefully. It feels a bit pathetic but I’m at least applying to a junior college, that feels better than not going at all.

Graduation happens in a few days but I can’t believe it; it feels unreal. After this I’m no longer in high school. I’m now an adult; on my own. Making my own decisions, doing my own thing, scary but real and true.

I just packed up all of my clothes and am leaving. I gave Mom and Dad a hug and kiss then walked out the door. I looked at the house differently, I looked at it like Mom and Dad’s place, not like home. Guess what I found when I was unpacking my bags? Textbook #365, better return that.

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