The Old Tree House Part 1

Bringggg!! There was the school bell. Scotty gathered his homework and headed for his locker. He opened it and gathered his bag and got out as fast as he could. He looked back and saw Miss Wilson talking to Haley Kimpson. He sighed. He loved Haley Kimpson. She was his best friend and he was hers but Scotty loved Haley.

"I love Haley and she loves me. But she just doesn't know it yet" Is what Scotty told his older brother Rex. Rex would tousle Scotty's hair and say

" You have an imagination kid". It hurt Scotty bad. Scotty was in the third grade and still he loved his old tree house. No one knew about it. He wished to bring Haley there because he loved it and maybe just maybe Haley would love it, and him. He hopped on his motor scooter and rode to Haley's house. She was in her grass laying with her school bag next to her.

"Ready?" Scotty asked.

" Ready as I'll ever be" Haley said. She was very curious because Scotty said they were going somewhere special and secret. She hopped on the back and wrapped her arms around Scotty. She was used to it now but when they first met it was weird. She remembered she was stuck in a tree. It was around the end of summer and they were just going into 3rd grade. He helped her out and gave her a ride home. But now they were going somewhere secret.

Scotty loved it when Haley wrapped her arms around him. Sometimes, like today, she would rest her head on his back. Before long they were at the woods.

"Scotty where are we going?" Haley asked nervously.

" It's a secret place. I go here everyday" Scotty said. He grabbed her hand and they walked just a little way and reached the old Tree House. Haley gasped.

"Scotty it's amazing! Can I go up?" she asked.

" Sure" he said. They climbed up and into the house. Then he was ready. He took a breath and said

" Haley, I have to tell you something".

"What?" Haley asked looking at him. He looked at her one more time. Her cute blonde hair. Her tight jeans and pink babydoll top. She had the most amazing blue eyes.

" Haley, I...I'm...Ok I'll just say it, I'm in love with you"

" Scotty, thats so sweet!" Haley said. She flipped her hair.

" So you like me?" Scotty asked.

"Well I do but I wouldn't want to ruin our friendship" Haley said.

"Well don't worry it wouldn't ruin anything" Scotty said.

" Listen, I have to go home. I'll walk" Haley said.

" No it's ok I'll give you a ride" Scotty said. A lump was growing in his throat.
They both got our of the tree house and got on the scooter. Haley wrapped her arms around him but he didn't feel happy. He pulled up to her house.

"Wanna stay for pizza?" Haley asked picking up her books.

"No thanks. We are having pasta" Scotty said.

"Oh Ok" Haley said a little sad. Then she turned around and gave Scotty a kiss. Scotty froze.

"You kissed me" Scotty finally said.

"I kissed you!:"Haley said .

"You kissed him" Haley's older sister Heather said coming out of the house.

"She kissed me" Scotty told Heather.

"Heather is dinner ready?" Haley asked blushing.

"No. It will be in an hour" Heather said.

"Scotty I suddenly want to go back to the old tree house" Haley said.

"I'll drive" Scotty said happily. They rode off.

"Haley why did you kiss me?" Scotty asked when they were in the old tree house. Haley was lying down looking at the roof of the old tree house.

" I don't know I just...." Haley started.

" Felt like doing it?" Scotty guessed. Haley nodded. She sat up.

"Like now" Haley said. She leaned over and kissed him again.

" Haley, don't tell anyone you kissed me" Scotty said.

"Ok I won't" Haley promised.

All day Scotty thought about Haley. She ignored him but he waved to her. After school he rode to Haley's house and she was in her driveway brushing her hair.

"Ready?" Scotty asked.

"Ready as I'll ever be" Haley smiled. The rode down to the beach. Haley kicked off her shoes and Scotty did the same right after her.

" I'll race you!" Haley said laughing. The two kids ran as far down the beach as they could.

"I beat you!" Scotty said panting. Haley shook her head.

"No I beat you by a toe" She said wiggling her toes.

"Fine" Scotty said.

"Lets turn back it's getting late" Scotty said. Haley nodded and they held hands and walked back to the motor scooter.

"So what do you do with Scotty?" Heather asked as she started brading Haley's hair that night.

"Well we..." Haley began. She was going to tell Heather about the tree house but she remembered Scotty told her to tell nobody. It was a SECRET place.

"You what?" Heather asked. Haley snapped back to earth.

"Oh sorry! Well we go to the beach and we race and we hang out you know" Haley said.

"Oh. So are you going out?" Heather asked.

"Um... Kind of I guess" Haley said.

"Well lets see, you hang out everyday,you kissed him, and you say that's NOT going out?" Heather asked.

" I don't know I'm only 9!" Haley said.

"Your too young. In my opinion Scotty is a nerd!" Heather said. Haley gasped.

"Why would you think that?" Haley asked.

"He's really cool and I like him for the way he is" Haley said.

"Well Hay, sometimes that won't cut it!" Heather said

"Ahhhh! Refreshing" Haley said as she gulped down the last of her milkshake. She and Scotty were at a small shack on the beach having milkshakes. Scotty wiped his mouth o his sleeve.

"So how's the old tree house?" Haley asked.

"It's fine. Did you tell anyone?" He asked. Haley shook her head.

"No. I am really careful. I almost told Heather last night but I caught myself" Haley said proudly.

"Good for you! Listen I talked to Rex you know my older brother, he asked if we were going out" Scotty said.

"That's weird because Heather asked the same thing" Haley said. The waiter cleared their table.

"Anyways tomorrow bring a swim suit and we can go surfing" Scotty said.

"Oooo! That sounds cool but I've never been surfing" Haley admitted.

"Rex has taken me out a couple times. It's easy!" Scotty said.

"OK. I'll bring a swim suit" Haley said.

"Great! Lets go for a drive!" Scotty said.

"OK!" Haley said happily. They both got up and went for a drive.

Later that evening Scotty dropped Haley off at her house.

"See you tomorrow!" Haley said waving as she closed her door. Scotty sighed a happy sigh and rode home.

Scotty couldn't wait for the bell to ring in 3 minutes. He looked over at Haley. She was deep into her book. He was pretending to read his book. BRING!!!! Haley closed her book and packed it away. Scotty put his book in his locker and ran home. He changed into his swim trunks and hurried on over to Haley's. She wasn't outside so he rang the doorbell. Heather opened the door.

"What do you want?" Heather asked.

"Ummm.... is Haley here?" He asked.

"She's changing. Sit down. I'll go get her" Heather said and she ran up the stairs. Scotty sat down on Haley's parent's couch. He waited for a few minutes then Haley came down fixing her hair into a pony tail.

"Sorry I'm late. Hey wait a second. I have to get my towel" Haley said. She went to the laundry room and came back with a towel.

"Ready!" She said.

"OK Lets go!" Scotty said and the left her house. Haley got on and wrapped her arms around Scotty's waist and lay her head on his back. The took off for the beach.

After three hours of surfing Haley and Scotty got tired. They packed up and dried off.

"So did you have fun?" Scotty asked.

"Yea more fun ten I thought I would have" Haley said.

"You did good for a new surfer. Tomorrow do you want to visit the Old Tree House again?" Scotty asked. Haley nodded.

" I really want to. It's a great place to just lay and think" Haley said.

When Scotty pulled up to Haley's driveway there was a small puppy sitting next to Haley.

"Awwww! He's so cute!" Scotty said getting off the scooter to go pet the dog.

"His name is Titan. We got him yesterday" Haley said.

"Can we take him to the Tree House?" Scotty asked.

"Yea! Look, I even bought a basket we can connect to the front of the scooter" Haley said.

"Cool" Scotty said. He helped Haley hook up the basket and then Haley put Titan in the basket. They rode off to the woods. When they got there Titan started to whine.

"Awww! It's OK boy!" Haley said holding Titan.

"OK I'll climb up and you can hand me Titan. Then you climb up" Scotty told Haley.

"OK!" she said. Scotty climbed up. Haley handed Scotty Titan and she climbed up.

"OK lets close the door so Titan doesn't run away!" Haley said. Scotty closed the door.

"You know I could install a lock and we could camp out here" Scotty said.

"No! I'm scared of camping alone in the woods. If Heather or Rex came then I'd be fine!" Haley said.

"No! We can't tell them about this remember?" Scotty asked. Haley nodded.

" Yea I remember. But I thought Rex knew. I mean he built it didn't he?" Haley asked.Scotty shook his head.

"No. Rex didn't build this place. I just got lost one day and I found it here. It was dusty and old. There wasn't anything in it so I cleaned it up a little" Scotty said.

"Hey! So this tree house is really old! Lets try to find out who built it!" Haley said.

"That would be hard" Scotty said.

"No it wouldn't! All we have to do is swap the place and using a computer to annalize the fingerprints we should have a perfect match!" Haley said.

"But we would need help and the tree house would be seen!" Scotty said.

"Please Scotty!" Haley asked.

"NO! I don't want to risk it! I should have never brought you here!" Scotty said.

Haley slapped Scotty.

"How DARE you tell your girlfriend such a thing!" Haley yelled at him.

" You are NOT my girlfriend" Scotty said.

" Well it's still rude" Haley said.

" Sorry I said that. I didn't mean it" Scotty said.

"So you'll let me find who built it?" Haley asked.

"No. I still can't risk it" Scotty said.

"So now this stupid old tree house means everything and I mean noting?" Haley asked.

"No! You mean a lot to me and so does this tree house" Scotty said.

"So wait, I'm NOT your girlfriend?" Haley asked.

"Well I don't know!" Scotty said.

"Look I have to go home" Haley said. She scooped up Titan.

"I'll drive you" Scotty said.

"No thanks" Haley said.

"But it's a long walk" Scotty said.

"Thats OK" Haley said. She turned and walked out the door. SHe climbed down and stared walking home. Scotty hurried down and got on his scooter. He felexed his mustles and pushed the go button. He was gaining on Haley. He was ready. He glored the speed to high and when he was about to pass Haley he swooped her up with one arm and plopped her down on the back of the scooter.

"Wow! That was impressive!" Haley said.

"Thanks!" Scotty said not believing what he just did. Haley moved Titan to the basket and when they got to Haley's house she took him out.

"I'm sorry" The both said at the same time. Scotty leaned foward to kiss Haley as she leaned foward to kiss him. They kissed.

As the kiss ended Heather came outside.

"Ok Romeo she gets it you love her!" Heather said.

"Shut up Heather" Haley said. Scotty was just blushing.

"I gotta get home now" Scotty mumbled.

" Ya you better get going Romeo before bedtime" Heather said. Before Scotty knew what he was doing he gave Heather a nice hard punch in the stomach.

"See ya later Barbie" Scotty said to Heather.

"See ya' Romeo" Haley called to him. He stopped his scooter and spun around on his seat.

"See ya' Juilet" Scotty called back to Haley. He spun around and drove home.

"Hey Scotty boy! Glad you're home" Rex said as Scotty walked in the living room.

"Why?" Scotty asked.

"Well I gotta talk to you about Haley" Rex said.

"OK I'm listening" Scotty said as he sat down on the couch next to Rex.

" Listen, I herd that in the 3rd grade she wet her pants" Rex said.

" That's not possible" Scotty said.

"Why?" Rex asked.

" Well because I'm in her class and I'm in 3rd grade now" Scotty said.

" Oops! Wrong girl! Well anyways I hear she shoplifted " Rex said.

"No she didn't" Scotty said.

"Yes she did" Rex said.

"But a girl as sweet as Haley would never...." Scotty began.

"Scotty, she did" Rex said. Scotty knew Rex was lying about the wet her pants thing but he could tell he was serious now. Tears gathered in Scotty's eyes. He shook his head.


" Scotty, she did. She won't admit it to anyone" Rex said.

"But why?" Scotty asked wiping tears away.

"Well you know how in October she was sad because Heather was in that car accident? Well she was at the store and just got so mad...." Rex said.

"No. Why would she go that far? Did she get in trouble?" Scotty asked.

"No. You can't tell anyone. You, me, and Heather are the only ones who know about this. Heather found out and told me" Rex said.

"Ok I won't tell anyone I promise!" Scotty said.

"Good. Now get to bed mom and dad will be home soon" Rex said.

All night Scotty thought about Haley. The girl whom he loved and hated. Tomorrow he would talk to her. He would love her and be by her side. Haley. How could she do something like this? How could he not know? Why was he still awake?

Scotty had his hands in his pockets and was walking to his motor scooter he hopped on and rode to Haley's. He took a deep breath and knocked on the door. Heather answered.

"Sup Lil Romeo? Here to punch me again?" Heather showed him a mark on her stomach where he had punched. Scotty tired to laugh.

"No I'm here to see Haley" He said.

"Ok well she's not home. She finally got tired of you and is at Tammy's house" Heather joked.

"Oh OK. Heather can I ask you something?" Scotty asked.

"Well OK but if this will be long come in" Heather said. Scotty stepped inside.

"So what's up?" Heather asked.

"Heather I need to know something about Haley" Scotty said.

" So..." Heather asked.

" Is Haley a thief? Did Haley shoplift?" Scotty asked. Heather put a hand over her mouth and gasped. Then she started crying.

" Oh my god! How did you find out?" Heather sobbed.

" Rex told me and I swear I won't tell anyone!" Scotty said.

" No! Scotty you listen and you listen good. Haley is a sweet little girl you got that and she wouldn't have the heart to steal! Oh god, listen to me. I'm telling you a flat out lie. Dude, you're going out with a thief!" Heather sobbed some more.

" Why didn't she tell me?" Scotty asked.

" Well she just is scared Scotty. She loves you and I'm sure she wants to tell you but she's a scared girl Scotty. She's just damn scared of the trouble she'll be in, or should be in" Heather said.

"Oh" was all Scotty could say.

"I'll tell her you stopped by" Heather said wiping her tears.

" It's OK. I need some time to think" Scotty said. Heather hugged him.

"Sorry" she said.

" I'm gonna go now" Scotty said standing up.

"Bye!" Heather called to him as he shut the door and rode off to the old tree house.

" How could Haley do something like shoplift? I'm serious " Scotty asked himself. He cried for an hour then rode home. The phone rang.

"Hello?" Scotty asked.

"Hi. It's..." Haley started.

"HALEY! I'm so glad you called" Scotty said.

"Why?" HAley giggled.

"Haley I know your secret" Scotty said. There was a few moments of silence.

"What? Sorry my phone is running out of battery can I call you later? Like in a few days, oh yea and were going on vacation so don't come over for a while OK? Haley said in a small voice.

"You're a liar!" Scotty said and slammed the phone down on the reciever and threw it at the bed. It rang again.

"WHAT DO YOU WANT YOU LITTLE THEIF!?!?!" Scotty asked yelling into the phone.

"Um....Scotty? This is Mandy Powelson from the summer soccer team for high school. Is your brother Rex home?" Mandy said. Scotty was suddenly embarased so he hung up. A few seconds later the phone rang again.

"Hello?" Scotty said sounding like Rex.

"Rex? Hello this is Mandy the coach from soccer" Mandy said.

"Umm.... well of course I know who this is I mean what do you need Mandy?" Scotty said sounding like Rex.

"Wow Rex? That's the first time you've called me Mandy! Anyways I was wanting to know if you would like to..." Mady started.

"Um... look Mandy, I have to go cause my little brother Scotty is upset with his friend so I must go comfort him. Bye" And Scotty hung up. He sat on his bed and started looking at pictures of Haley.

" Wow she's amazing. Amazing at stealing!" He told his fish Blub.

" How long did you think it'd be before he knew?" Heather asked Haley. She shrugged. She started crying. Heather wrapped her arms around Haley to comfort her but Haley pushed them away.

" You have to talk to him soon Haley before he hates you" Heather said. Haley looked up at Heather with her red eyes.

"What? He still loves me?" Haley asked.

" Well it sounded like he was mad but he still likes you Haley" Heather said as she brushed Haley's hair.

" Heather, can you get me some scissors?" Haley asked.

" Yea why?" Heather asked.

" Take them and cut off my hair" Haley said.

" Are you sure? How much off?" Heather asked.

" To my chin" Haley said.

" Haley that's a lot! Your hair is to your hips!" Heather said.

" Just do it! I want to start over. I messed up my life real bad and I need to fix it. I need to start over, a fresh new person" Haley said. With that heather began snipping away.

The next day Haley woke up and brushed her new short hair. It was cute short too. She decided to ditch the girly look and become a tomboy. She stopped wearing her contacts and put on her glassed. She wore a a old pair of jeans with a olive green tee shirt that said Girls Football 06' and a Heather's old gray jacket that was too big for her. She walked over to Scotty's house and knocked on the door. Rex answered.

"S--" Haley began.

"Tree house" Rex said with a straight face.

" Oh ok" Haley said.

" See ya new girl who sounds like Haley!" Rex teased as Haley ran to the woods. When she got there she climbed up the ladder and found Scotty talking to himself. Haley thought she should spy so she hopped on a giant branch next to the window and listened.

" I thought I knew her! If she changes one more thing then I'll blow up! I'll never talk to her again!" Scotty said. Haley sighed and ran home. She changed into a red plaid skirt and a black tank top she put a red plaid bow in her newly short hair and ran back to the tree house. Scotty was still there. She came in.

" Haley?" Scotty looked up.

" Hi!" She said.

" Why did you cut your hair?" Scotty asked.

" Well my long hair was really hot so I decided to cut it?" Haley tried to lie.

" You are a suckie liar Haley!" Scotty teased. They laughed.

" Are you mad at me?" Haley asked.

" Na. But why didn't you tell me?" Scotty asked.

" Well I, I just, I don't know! Why don't you want me to tell anyone about the tree house?" Haley asked.

" Cause' I want this place to be magical and private so whenever you need some time to think you can come here!" Scotty said.

" I needed to keep it a secret" Haley said.

" I love you" Scotty said. Haley looked up into his eyes.

"What?" Haley asked.

" I said I loved you" Scotty said.

" I thought so" Haley smiled.

Scotty woke up to A loud bouldozer noise!

" Rex, Mom, Dad! What's going on?" Scotty ran down stairs in his shorts and a tee shirt. Nobody was down there so he ran barefooted to the garage. His scooter was out of juice so he ran to Haley's house. It was about 6:30 am when Scotty knocked on Haley's door. A few minutes later Haley answered in a pair of pj shorts and her cheer camp shirt.

"What are you doing here?" Haley sleepily asked.

" Can I borrow your motor scooter?" Scotty asked.

"Can I come?" Haley asked.

"Yea" He replied.

"Ok follow me" Haley said as they got her scooter from the garage. They rode all around town but they couldn't find the noise. Then they both knew where it was coming from, the old tree house. They rode full speed to the woods and ran barefooted through the dirt and leaves. They saw a giant buldozer about to crash into the tree house.

"STOP!" Haley yelled but it was too late. Crash. Gone. The worker dudes scooped up the wood and left Haley and Scotty standing by a little stump, what was left of the tree house.

" How did they-" Haley started but she stopped. Scotty was standing on the little stump. She stood on it too. She hugged him.

" Why?" She whispered.

" Haley, I have a plan" Scotty said.

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