Darkness With in a Classroom

October 10, 2013
By Saqif SILVER, Sacramento, California
Saqif SILVER, Sacramento, California
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It was a rainy and dull day in Elk Grove, CA when I decided to walk to Donjon Park High School. I am sorry, I forgot to introduce myself to you, my name is Freddy and this story is about my school. This school is located in a dreary part of the city. The weather reporter on channel three stated that there is possible chance for thunder storm. Sky is so dark it looks like thick patches of black smoke. I have to hurry up so that I can get out of this storm. The area surrounding the school smells like a very obese rat that has recently died in the sewer. Buildings look like it has never been taken care of. The walls are falling apart and any part of the wall that has not fallen apart has paint chipping off. Trees have never been trimmed; they’re running wild and out of control. The grass is not visible because there is trash and dead animals everywhere. I can’t say what is worse, the cafeteria itself or the food they serve. The cafeteria has dried up food covering the table tops. Meals look like worms served with a dead cockroach on the side, drinks look like blood with a drop of someone’s pee. Ants are marching on the sticky seats. The floor looks like someone has pooped on it and never swept. Doors in the entire school are covering barely half of the door frame; the windows are smashed and are covered in bird poop, spit, and chewed up gum.

When early lunch ends, I head towards my English classroom which is HE 3. As I enter in the doors of the classroom, I see kids jumping up and down from desks like monkeys in a zoo, except that these so-called monkeys are 10th graders and this is my classroom, not a zoo. The floor is covered with crumpled up, uncompleted assignments since the beginning of the term and food rappers. It seems like the janitor has lost his way and is yet to visit this classroom. The chairs and desks are covered with chew up gum from a long time ago. Walls are covered up with posters of famous people who look like they have just crawled out of their graves. Now let’s head towards my English teacher Ms. Slander’s desk. She looks like she should not even be in this classroom. Ms. Slander is a short well-dressed woman who is a sagacious and imperial teacher. Although she is a highly qualified teacher in this classroom she is neither wanted nor appreciated.

As Ms. Slander is about to stand up and address the class, Brady, who is a devil in disguise walks in. He walks in the classroom as if he not only controls the classroom but also time. As soon as I saw Brady walk in I knew that today will be dreadful day. Brady’s propriety behavior may fool the kids in this class but the teacher is well aware of what he really is, he heads to his seat and Ms. Slander begins to teach. But as always she is not successful because Brady is like a pervaded disease, with no cure in sight. He was continuously shouting across the classroom, using profanity words towards other kids in the classroom and making inappropriate gestures. The blood was rushing up at the back of Ms. Slander’s neck and fire piercing out of her eyes, she screams out at the class at the top of her lungs, the classroom becomes sedate. She shouts, “Shut up,” followed by extreme profanity. For the first time, I see fear in Brady’s eyes; he’s lost for words and then Ms. Slander with her sharp nails holds on to Brady’s throat. As blood starts pouring down Brady’s neck, the classroom starts to look like a morgue. This is when blood and slime start to come down the walls, the rotten ceiling tears apart one by one crashing to the ground in millions of pieces. With every piece of the ceiling death followed. The classroom is now a battle field with dead bodies everywhere. Ms. Slander is no more in control to her emotions. I for some reason am able to walk out of this classroom unharmed, hand in hand with the others who were always good and hardworking. The door shut behind me with Ms. Slander and Brady still inside. This classroom is closed forever. The doors are bolted shut. No one teaches in here and no student dares to enter. The storm has passed. The dark clouds are no more. Goodbye dear classroom.

The author's comments:
In English class, we were told to write like Edgar Allen Poe. I wanted to do that, but I also wanted to let the kids know how annoying and disruptive they were and the teacher couldn't control the class.

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