Gost boy and new girl

October 9, 2008
By Angelica Lindan, Milwaukie, OR

Ghost-boy and New-girl

Step splash step splash. Water soaked my jeans as I sauntered through the street, singing a tune. I turned my head towards the old house next to mine. I sighed heavily and clenched my teeth. “ Stupid dare!” I whispered hate fully to myself.
I stepped onto the cracked driveway of the house almost every kid thought was haunted. And that’s the reason I had gotten in this mess in the first place, yeah pick on the new kid.

I was at the doorstep of the house now almost, to the door in my case I shivered through and through.
I grabbed the doorknob, and pushed against it, to my surprise, witch was not much at the moment, it swung open I stared gloomily at the open door then reaching into my pocket, I pulled out a small flashlight and walked inside.
The door slammed shut behind me crying out I turned towards the door and grabbed the handle. I pulled hard on it, yet the door would not budge. I sighed heavily and turned from the door making my way down the hallway. There, was a light at the end of the hall and I squinted to see if anyone was there. “Hello!” I called out hesitantly.
Something brushed across my cheek I cringed going stiff, “ have you come to save me.” A longing voice said in my ear.
I shivered, then turning towards the voice I gasped in surprise a guy my age smiled back at me. He was lean six feet at the most, dark hair and a face to die for. He brushed a stray hair from my face. “So have you?” I looked at him frowning.
“What?” I questioned.
He sighed heavily. “Have you come to free me from this house?”
I shook my head. “What do you mean?”
He smiled sadly. “I was killed here in this house, and my soul never moved on.” He looked at me and continued. “ You see I know who killed me and I have much regret, but I would like to move on as well.”
“Well I guess I’m the one for the job. Huh.” I mumbled.

He nodded. “It won’t be easy, let me tell you the terms of your agreement.” He motioned his hand for me to follow.
“My names Walter by the way.”
“Oh my names rain.” He smiled.
He opened a room’s door for me the motioned to me to come inside. I sat down by the fire great full to be away from the cod outside. “You must understand Rain, that these terms are final none can be broken.” I nodded. “The terms are these. You must fall in love with me before midnight on my birthday. If you do not meet these terms the bond will not break. But if you truly do break the spell then I’ll truly be free.” He smiled happily. ”Will you agree to these terms I have set for you.” He murmured
I took in a breath of air. ”I...Will.” Walter turned to face me. He kissed me lightly on the lips.

“Then let’s begin.”

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