Slater King

October 9, 2008
By Anonymous

Jesikah Riley stared up at her millions of posters on her wall of Slater King. The most famous pop star of all time. She didn’t care if she didn’t know him, she was in love and one day she just knew she was going to marry him. She just needed to meet him first …. But she had a plan! And it was absolutely perfect.

It had came to her in a dream the night before last and it couldn’t of been more perfect timing. She was going to sneak into his dressing room, when he came to town this weekend, and meet him. I mean sure she could go to h is concert, pay about 100$, sit in the back of a huge concert hall filled with thousands of fans, listen to songs she’s her about a million times not to mention memorized. In fact the only good thing about going to one of his concerts would be sitting in the same room as him … but overall it was a bad deal and that’s why her plan was perfect she knew it she just knew it.

So she started to try foolproof her plan think of ideas how to get in. she thought for hours and hours but she could only come up with three ideas:

1.Passing as his long lost sister? … Maybe

2.Sneaking in through the roof … to high... Latter?

3.Going in with the crowd and finding a way there after … might work

Looking at her ideas and playing them through her head she wasn’t even sure any of them would work “ I guess I’ll just have to wing it” Jesikah decided the night before the concert.
Jesikah got to the concert hall about midday the next day. She though by doing that she would have a couple of hours to think her plan through before all the “crazy” fans go there but she was very wrong. There was already a huge crowd forming and they were singing one of his songs:

“I’m beautiful … Hello obvious

I’m wonderful …Hello Obvious

I’m the boy of your dreams the

Most gorgeous thing you have

Ever seen … Hello obvious

And let’s face it …

I’m the reason you get up in the morning

I’m the reason you get dressed

I’m the reason that you go to school

And I’m the reason you try your best”

Jesikah sighed that was her favourite song because well… it was just so true! But those fans had no right to sing it. I mean half of them were no beautiful or wonderful and they surly weren’t boys and they definitely were not the reason she got up in the morning or why she got dressed or went to school or tried her best! Slater King was the reason and that’s why she needed to meet him! She just needed him so much and she knew if he met her he would feel the same way she just knew it! Ahh this just made her angry and made her want to meet him more so she just put her mind at the task at hand meet her hero.
So she went to find the staff door. It didn’t take long; it was just at the other side of the building. But then again it was a huge building so it was a bit of a walk. When she got there, there was a man standing at the entrance. He was probably about 6’5 with huge mussels a good combination … for him anyway. Jesikah gulped but then she realized she couldn’t look scared … it would look too suspicious. So she put on a brave face and stuck her hand out. “Hi my names Jesikah” she said in the nicest voice she could make up
“Hi” the body guard replied his squeaky girly voice surprised her and she tried to hold in her laughter “umm” she said trying to think of a good lie “ sorry I’m a bit late, I forgot my ID badge in the taxi and when I went back to get it, it was gone. I called the taxi company and they said they could have it mailed to me in a week but well we’ll already be in Mexico by that time.” Her lie even startled her she was never a good liar
“ Who are you again” he asked Jesikah almost laughing again “Jesikah King” she had said it so many times it had just rolled off her tongue. “ You know slates sister” she tried to use a nickname but it just left the body guard confused “ you know Slater” she said explaining “ I just call him slates for short”
“ Oh” said the bodyguard still looking confused
“ So can I go in now, and see my brother?” I asked hopingly
“Oho” he said “no sorry Slater said don’t let no one in especially no sister … though I could almost swear he called you Carly” shoot thought Jesikah she had forgotten Slater didn’t like his sister but at least actually convinced the body guard that was a plus. She though about saying she was his other sister but she thought that just might bring up suspicions.
Jesikah walked around for about an hour trying to think of ideas on how to get in but none came to her, none that is until she saw it the perfect plan she just knew it. She saw a food cart rattling by and it was about to go into the staff entrance! And then the perfect time came to hop on the man handling it stopped to talk to the bodyguard! Jesikah didn’t miss her chance she hopped on fast but quietly. Then the cart started to roll for about a minute when it stopped in front of a door. “ Was this Slater’s dressing room?”
Jesikah could only hope so she kept staring at it and her heart was pounding madly “boo a voice called on the other side of her which made her heart pound even more madly she turned her head slowly it was the man who was pushing the cart “ may I ask you” he started “ why are you hitching a ride o n my cart?” She gulped “ how’d you know” she asked trying to smile
“ Easy” he answered “its about 120 pounds heavier then it usually is plus this happens all the time” Jesikah sighed of relief she wasn’t the only one “but” he said catching her sigh “ that doesn’t mean your off the hook”. He grabbed Jesikah’s arm practically dragged her to the door then threw her outside. The bodyguard chuckled “ told ya he didn’t want no sister in there”
“ Whatever” Jesikah said getting up and dusting herself off and with that she walked away “time to think of another plan” she thought and then it came to her the perfect plan and she just knew it would work!
Why didn’t she think of it before? It was perfect now alls she had to find was what she was looking for she circled around the building until she spotted it, an air vent! She carefully removed the vent part then looked inside just the right size for a 14 year old girl so she climbed inside backwards put the vent back on (again didn’t want to raise suspicions) then she did her best to try and turn herself around but it was quite tight so she got quite a few bruises. Finally when she was right way around she started moving she came to her first little vent she looked down it was a tiny room full of mops and brooms. That wasn’t it so she kept moving about 5 minutes later she came to another room it was a medium sized room not very pretty with a man talking on a phone she didn’t think this was it either so she just kept moving then about two minutes later she came to a room it was beautiful and filled with a whole bunch of gifts and things. Then all the sudden the door opened to the room and to Jesikah’s surprise it was Slater King!! She bent down to take a closer look while in the process leaning on the vent which broke with her weight and Jesikah went tumbling to the floor and hit her head hard and knocked herself out.

When Jesikah awoke there were a whole bunch of heads over her one being Slater King, another the cart guy, and there was also the guy who was talking on the phone in that room, and also there was a boy she didn’t know who was about her age.
“She’s going to sue, she’s going to sue” said the guy who had the phone he looked worried and was pacing back and fourth
“She’s not gunna sue” said the boy “ your not gunna sue are you” he finished flashing her a smile
“Uhh” she tried to say but Slater cut her off
“She better not sue or I’ll sue back for 10x more for trespassing”
‘I’m not going to sue!” Jesikah said but she’s not sure he herd her because he just kept going on
“I’ll sue her for all she’s worth and I’ll have even more money then ever!” Jesikah’s heart dropped how could a guy so cute be so heartless she felt her love for him fly out the door
“She’s not going to sue Slater!” said the boy “gosh don’t you listen, oh what am I saying you never listen” he smiled at Jesikah again and her love flew right back in the door but not for Slater for the boy and she knew with that she was in love!

After that the boy and Jesikah started dating they dated for about four years until they got married and had many children and lived happily ever after! … Well in Jesikah’s dreams they did but she knew she just knew it would happen she just had to wait!

The author's comments:
I love to write its my hobbie this is not the best story but i like it.

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