October 9, 2008
There’s a saying around town; a famous tale of the most brutal ghost story yet. It Happened right here, in Ontario, Canada………in my town…………5 years ago back …………when I wasn’t dead…
It was 1962; I was enjoying my 18th birthday party with friends and family when my friends took me to the local haunted house for a chilling daring sleepover and to just trash the house for fun. It was cold and the wind was chilly, the time was around midnight when we arrived. The old mansion looked gloomy and dreary with an ominous feeling hanging around to it, just by looking at it gave me the chills. Sam (Samantha), Trish and I stepped on to the worn porch and opened the the worn creaking old oak door.
We had only stepped in half way when a strong gust of air pushed us in and slammed the door shut. Panicking, Trish ran over to the door trying to open it, but the heavy oak door wouldn’t budge. We turned and stared out into the house, it appeared to be the living room and it all looked dead, dark, dreary, perfect appearance of a haunted room. Suddenly as if coming alive, the dark drapes over the huge wall length windows flared up, and lightning flashed, brightening the whole room into a ghastly image. The room turned a hazy red and that’s when the images appeared. Bloody, mutilated bodies were strewn all over the room, some on the torn couch, some on the floor and one hanging down from the ceiling.
Their expressions were frozen in open mouthed screams and eyes wide with fear. The bodies on the floor had their limbs missing; the snow white of their bones was poking out and their red meaty flesh was hanging out in the open attracting all kinds of flies and bugs. The bodies on the couch however were even more repulsive, missing chunks of flesh ripped out from their stomachs and chest, baring their lungs and organs, fingers and toes were also amiss, but their faces were revolting. Eyes hanging out swinging loosely, lower jaws missing exposing the insides of their throats and mouths; some were even missing all the skin from their faces with maggots and worms eating away at their eyeballs and cheeks. There was one body hanging from the fan on the ceiling which was the most gruesome. The body was of a man, dripping blood leaving it to pool at his feet; his face was twisted in a maniac psychotic evil smile, in his hand was a huge butcher knife and in the other hand was bloody limp skin. His body had absolutely no skin on him, showing the ugly cockroaches in plain view eating away. Sam screamed and fainted, Trish kneeled and threw up and I, I was the only one who saw the body hanging from the ceiling turn towards us and raise its head. Its eyes froze me in place and I lost my voice to shout a warning at Trish and Sam, he raised his butcher knife and pointed it towards me. Before I can even blink, he flashed towards me, sinking its teeth in my ear, biting it off and swiping the huge knife through my middle, he had officially cut me in half…I died before my top half even hit the floor, darkness had consumed me and I gladly gave in to escape the pain and the unbelievable reality.
When I opened my eyes again, my body was pieced back into one piece and I was looking into my killers face, I screamed knowing it was all real and that I was truly dead....and in hell with my killer…

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bubbasamantha said...
Jul. 8, 2009 at 10:33 pm
Wow! You should make this into an actual book! That was so super creepy and descriptive, although the you might have been a little too descriptive with talking about the bodies, but that's okay! It shows that you know how to write!
sickster said...
Oct. 25, 2008 at 12:40 am
LOL,I agree wit max, real thriller here momna!
Oct. 20, 2008 at 12:33 pm
this is the cuh-reepiest story EVER! I think I am going to have nightmares for my entire life now. thanks a lot, Momna... seriously. o_O!
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