I lived!

October 13, 2008
By Jessica Gray, Haslet, TX

Brisk drops of rain water fell onto my already broiling skin. I lie on the wet dirty ground, wood chips and fresh soil was scattered onto my whole body. My hair was soaked and got flung all over my face and into my mouth and eyes. Tears ran down my cheeks and slowly ended up on my neck. My breathing was limited and my throat felt thick. I felt like I was having black-outs every few minutes. My head got dizzy as everything was quadrupled. I tried t move and get up but my efforts were of to no comparison to my injuries. I could hear the earsplitting sirens along with the faint red and white lights whirling in all different directions. The thunder kept rolling and rumbling around the sky. It felt as though a colossal, earth-shattering semi-truck was directed right towards me. The lightening gave me brief glimpses as to what was going on. Even then it gav e me no clues. Suddently I was being pulled and pushed in every direction ever made up. I felt like a useless dog carelessly being thrown into a damp cage. I was startled to suddently see four men in red suits handling me with unseen care.

The firemen lifted me high in the air and rushed me over and onto the stretcher. I felt the straps being plaved over me and buckled down tightly. I was asking anyone to what was going on and where I was. I didn't get an answer though. It was pitch black inside the ambulance. All I cold see were the lights from the machines hooked onto me. I blaked out again, this time for a while. I awoke abruptly sweating all over my arms and legs. I have an IV in my arm and all these wires hooked all over. I had a huge headache and still felt sick. A nurse ran in and rushed to my aid. "You're awake! What a relief. We thought we'd lost you!" "What happened?" I asked nervously. "You were in a car accident. "We found drugs in the driver's bloodstream along with a high level of alcohol. You swerved off the road and got thrown really high in the air." Horrific memories suddently reimburse my memories. My best friend Kaycie was with me showing emotions that I didn't even know exsisted. My good friend John was an honor roll student and was about to earn his Doctrine's Degree in Science. Sam though, he was always a guy who never cared about school and would often be gone many weeks at a time. His life was pretty much lost in the world of drugs and alcohol.

I came out of my daze as the nurse exclaimed, "I'm so sorry honey...your firends didn't make it." I was speechless at first just staring into her eyes with horror but now suddently reality struck me and I broke down and started bawling. I was choking on my grieving memories and stopped breathing many times. The nurse didn't know what to do so she pat me on the shoulder and left me in solitude. I asked myself over and over again, "how did this happen? There were no drugs or alcohol at that party..." I fell apart a numerous amount of times.

My older sister Monica came bursting in and rushed over to give me a hug. My parents never cared about me and often fought. We were invisible in thier world. When we were younger, Monica would put headphones on me and play a nice relaxing jazz CD during those depondent times. We were always there for each other. "Erin what happened?" "It was supposed to be a small little get-together, no harm done! Sam took us all to his freind's house while their parents were away on a weekend get-away. Even though I knew his parents were out of town, it was only supposed to be me, John, Kaycie, Sam and his friend Greg watching a movie at Greg's house. As the night went on Greg thought that the whole night would be more fun if we invited a few more people. Everyone was acting responsible, except for Sam. We had already invited five people and were content with out situation, but Sam wanted a huge blow out party. He was out of control calling people and ordering pizza.

John, Kaycie and I all agreed to leave because this was getting out of hand. We all got our coats and were headed for the door when Kaycie thought it would be inconsiderate to just leave Sam without telling him. We waited for her while she went to lok for Sam in the big mob of unknown people. John adn I stepped outside to avoid all the crude people. The door popped open and there was Kaycie and Sam just standing there. I looked at the expressoin on Kaycie's face and knew that something was wrong. The palm of my hands started to sweat. Sam was hanging on Kaycie like a helpless animal. Kaycie's big fluffy coat was hiding the gun being shoved into her side. In an unnoiticable manner I leaned towards John adn whispered into his ear that Sam had a gun to her. "Kathryn here doesn't want a generous offer of mine by givving of you a ride home!" "My name is Kaycie for the third time." Kaycit said it with an attitude which provoked Sam; he pushed the gun into her side even harder which made Kaycie give out a desperate squeal. "Now I'm going to take all three of you home, got that?" "I insist Sam let me drive." John had said in a stern but nervous tone. John was afraid because he was acting crazy.

He was now extremely hysterical and shot Kaycie in her left leg and then pushed her towards John and I. Greg had a very prestigious house that sat at the top of a hill. With the push that Sam gave Kaycie she fell and pushed us downt he hill. We tumbled all different directions and ended up brutally hitting the metal fence at the bottom. We had severe open gashed injuries and tried to escape but Sam came charging at us with Kaycie's jacket bundled in one had and a gun pointing right towards us in the other. He rigorously clasped both out jackets, opened his car door, and flung al of us into his small car. John pummeled into the window from the lok of it, giving him a serious concussion. He locked the door and rushed over into the dirver's seat and slammed the door; put the key in the ignition and sped off. We quietly sat upright and got into our correct seats. My head had flet as though it was punched several times. I was now experiencing a throbbing sensation and we were all very hurt. John felunconscious after he was thrown into the car ad hit his head. We sped around corners and got up on two wheels. We were swerving back adn forh, left and right. Sam had no idea where he was or where he was going! He had taken many wrong turns and we were now headed for the highway! We entered the busy highway at a staggering spead of 90 miles per hour!

We rammed many cars causing them to run into the ditch. John came out of his unconscious state and managed to ask where Sam was going. "I'm taking you to your house!" Sam said hollering at us and everyone else ont eh road. The cops were hiding out ahead and saw us blazing right by them. His siren turned on and we were now geting chased by one cop but it soon turned to three. "Sam pull over the cops are chasing us, please slow down!" Kaycie was pleading. I could hear the policeman's voice on the speaker saying, "this is the police pull over your vehicle immediately!" "Sam!" I screamed.

He turned around to look at me but once his eyes glided back towards the road it was too late. We were now soaring into the air of the bridge of a busy highway. Everything seemed to be in slow motion as glanced aroudn to witnes my death becoming. Sam's head was now lying on the headrest with a botle of beer slowly slipping away from his loose grip. John and Kaycie were screaming and moving about frantically. Surprisingly I was frozen. My glance was just focused out the window. My hands were clasped togethr tightly and the thought of everything in life that I hadn't done yet ran across my mind. The car was nearing the ground; I closed my eyes and prayed. The front end punded the ground har as the rest of the car came like a slinky and finally threw everyone out. We were all scattered around like debris after a tornado. I ended up on the side of the road while everyone ese was flopped in numerous locations. "...and that's all I can remember." 'oh Erin, you poor thing I never knew." Monica had been crying throughout my whole story. I could hear her obbing but couldn't stop or else I'd never be able to start again.

"It's ok, you do though have many broken ribs along with a broken leg and a bunch of head injuries and they may have to amputate your arm. It was under the car after it flipped. "My arm..." I stuttered. "Everything will be fine, we've dealt with many things together bfore and I'm nt going to leave you now." I broke down and cried from everything that happened I managed to live. Me. I cried myself to sleep that night in the hospital. I lived, I lived!

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