Charbagh- Nature amidst four walls

October 12, 2008
By shobhit garg, New Delhi, ZZ

Charbagh is a beautiful square inside the premises of the British Council in Delhi.

This morning at Charbagh had a special flavor to it. The breeze felt rather cold. It gushed through the hanging gardens occasionally, causing them to sway and swerve. It brought drizzle, which made the tile floor wet. I removed my shoes, and the moist grass gave respite to my feet. The aroma of flowers and rain filled my breath. The twittering of birds echoed in my ears. From behind the scanty clouds came the sun rays. They seemed to touch my skin, and warmed it.

I felt that I was not the only one enjoying the serene atmosphere. I looked around to see. True to my hunch, there stood another silent spectator- the large sculptured face on the wall facing the reception door. However incongruous, it adds to the aesthetic pleasure of charbagh, a place even nature loves.

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