Heels Over Head

October 11, 2008
By Kelesea S., Huron, OH

I left her. My fingers clenched on the steering wheel as I turned onto the interstate, south. Toward Nashville and what was left of my future.
My heart clenched, guilt worming its way inside me. I'd left her behind. Her, as in, my girlfriend, Kelsey. She's the love of my life, she's been with me through everything, but the thing is- I wanna be a singer. And Nashville is where I belong. It wasn't like I could bring her along. Nashville ain't the place for a kid like her. Wrestling with my guilt, I threw gravel as I sped up, leaving everything behind.
When I woke up, I noticed at once something was wrong.
Nate wasn't there, but the pillow was wrinkled, and the sheets were wrapped around me. I sat up, and it fell down a little,exposing me. Automatically, I pulled it back up, my eyes sweeping the room. I felt like I was playing one of those games you played when you were little, when they gave you two pictures and you had to see the differences. His duffel bags weren't there, scattered in front of the closet. The picture he kept of us at a party was gone, a circle of white dust in its place. A drop of dread dropped on my heart, and suddenly the gravity of it sank in.
Nate was gone.

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