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Angelz-Part One

October 10, 2008
By Victor Velasquez, Brewster, NY

He lay in his bed bored and wondering. He looked up at his white pale ceiling that seemed to blend with his tank top. He looked down at his black jeans that had smelled like flint and noticed that they had blended with the TV in his room. He scratched his semi-long black straight hair. His skin was a white-tan kind of color. “Luke! Come down you’re going to be late for school,” his mom yelled. Luke jumped up and ran down stairs weakly as he hadn’t gotten any sleep last night. Luke ran down quickly down the narrow stairs and jumped onto the brown dining room table’s chair. “You look like you haven’t gotten any sleep again,” his mother said as she looked strangely at him.
Luke replied, “I didn’t.”
“Don’t think about those things Luke. Why can’t you just have faith?”
“Because it’s not my religion, it isn’t a crime to believe in what I want to believe.”
“Well it is in this house,” his mother yelled slamming a brass plate. Luke remembered that was from his dad.
“Well I’m thirteen years old and I can make my own decisions.” With that said Luke slipped off the chair, put on his uniform that was hanging on the coat hanger and walked out the slide door. The bus had just arrived. He walked on and sat down in the very back like he always did alone. He thought about his father for a moment. How he was taken away in that car accident, how his mother grieved, and how God had failed him. Luke’s mother always said that God never fails anyone but they fail God. Luke was once a believer in God but once his father was taken away he had stopped. He had cut his relationship with God. If there is a God he thought. The bus had come to a stop and Luke got up and just realized how many kids were also getting off the bus with him. Luke noticed every single kid one by one by one getting off the bus. For some reason Luke noticed a light that seemed like a portal. Luke asked the bus driver, who was skinny and mean, what was that. The bus driver looked at him like he was crazy. Luke forgot about it and walked off the bus into the catholic school named St.Luke which was coincidentally his name. After six hours of learning math, science, religion and other pointless subjects Luke was back to thinking in the back of the bus. Luke looked out the window and saw what had appeared to be an angel. Luke thought he was going crazy and he probably was. He looked away in denial of what he had seen. His stop had come thankfully. He stepped off easily off the bus and saw his mom standing in the door way. His mom gave the bus drier a steady easy wave goodbye.

Luke saw something behind his mother, behind her brown silky hair. It was a man, a tall white man. He had on a white robe that was split by a golden belt in the middle. His hair was light brown and Luke had just noticed the man had a long sword on his hand that has inscribing on it. Luke studied the man for a moment and thought it was something he had just seen from a Greek mythology movie. Luke ran towards his mom without thinking and tackled the man behind him. Luke’s mom screamed, “Luke what are you doing?”
Luke looked at her as if she was crazy and yelled back “You don’t see this man with a freaking sword right behind you?”
“Luke, what are you talking about?”
Luke looked down and saw no one. Not a trace of a person and not even a trace of a weapon.
“There was a man, a man right here!”
“Luke, there was no one there. You’re starting to scare me.”
“Just forget about it,” Luke said. Luke got up off the ground and picked up his backpack. He walked into his house and ran upstairs. He jumped on his bed and laid there. He looked up at his ceiling but this time he saw something other than his wall, the man with the sword again. Luke widened his eyes and rolled off his bed. He got anything, something he could throw at the man. He picked up his cell phone, which he never used, and threw it at him. The phone went straight through the man and hit the wall with such force it cracked in half. The man on the ceiling slowly descended down. Luke backed up into his TV. The man slowly walked towards Luke. Luke had no idea why he hadn’t screamed yet but it was too late now. The man slowly raised the sword and held it in both hands. The golden handle of the sword had a red crystal in the middle of it. Luke had just realized that the blade of the sword was white but it was not physically touchable. It looked like pure white energy. The man knelt on one knee and raised the sword like an offering. Luke was just slapped in the face with surprise. “What? You’re not trying to kill me? ,” Luke asked.
The man rose and said, “Angels aren’t killers.”
“Hah! Like I’m supposed to believe you’re an angel. Believe me I gave that up a while ago.”
“It is true Luke.”
Luke felt a jolt. “How do you know my name?”
“You were named after me.”
“Yes, I definitely believe you that I was named after an angel and now I’m talking to one. I’m getting some delusional pills.”
“You can’t. Time is frozen right now as we speak. I have come to deliver a message and a weapon.”
“What message? What weapon,” Luke couldn’t believe what was going on right now in his very room.
“The message the God had commanded me to deliver.”
“What god? What heaven? That’s right there is no god or heaven! It’s a lie a fable lie!”
“You must have faith young Luke.”
“Don’t speak to me as if you know me because you don’t.”
“That is beside the point. I came here to deliver something and I will deliver it.”
“Look who’s talking big, a crazy dude who looks like he’s ready for Halloween early.”
In a quick flash of a second the angel, or crazy person, was in front of Luke and had gripped him by his arms.
“Take it easy,” Luke yelled as he struggled pointlessly to get out of the angels grip.
“Listen, whether or you believe me or not your entire existence is in danger.”
“What the heck are you talking about?”
“Listen to me very carefully. Your world has six seals within it. These seals bind Lucifer from walking free out of hell.”
“Oh, great were bringing Lucifer into this now,” Luke said with aggravation.
The angel moved on, “the six seals are each represented with a sign. Each sign must be found and destroyed with this blade I’m about to give you.”
“Wait, what?”
“Yes, this energy blade is yours. It has the name of Christ inscribed on it. It is pure light energy.”
“You can’t be serious, where am I supposed to keep this thing?”
“When you need it, it will appear, and so will your wings.”
Luke had so much to process through his mind right now, wings, blades, Christ, and God. Luke had seriously thought this was a dream. Luke snapped out of his own mind dream and looked at the angel.
“Your journey begins now,” said the angel.
“Ok, if everything your saying is true why I am the one who was picked to do this?”

The angel looked at him and said, “Because God commanded it.”
Luke had felt strange about that. He couldn’t believe that God would pick him. Maybe it was to install faith into him. Maybe because it was the way it needed to be.
“Luke,” the angel called.
“You shall learn what you can do now.”
With that said and without a moment’s hesitation Luke was up in the air flying in the arms of an angel. Only now did Luke realize that the angel had never let go of his arms. Luke’s heart was racing. He had wondered if time was back in motion. He realized it was from looking down at people, who looked like ants from up there. Luke asked, “Where are you taking me?”

The angel looked down and said, “To the first seal.”
Luke felt scared at this and to get it off his mind he asked, “You said I was named after you. So what is your true name, St.Luke?”
“Does God have a look?”
“No. He is but a spirit.”
Luke felt incredibly stupid asking these questions because he never believed in God. He felt as though he has had faith installed in him. Luke slowly let the little things slip through his mind and thought about what the task at hand was. Luke had also noticed his sword was still in his hand even though he doesn’t even remember St.Luke giving it to him. Luke saw a dark cloud in the distance and fire in the middle of it. The fire had black feathers in it and he saw strange beasts arising from the flames. Luke took a moment to exam the beast’s structure and look. Most of the beasts looked bulky and muscular. They had pitched black skin that seemed like armor due to its roughness and sharpness. They had black feathered wings that seemed thin and easy to use. Their eyes were blood red. Luke was surprised he could even examine them from this far away. His vision must have improved with the powers he was supposed to test. Luke went back to thinking of the beasts and asked, “We’re not going there, are we?”
“Yes, we are,” St.Luke replied.
“Well at least you’re going to.”
“No, I cannot. You must learn your powers on your own. Those are demons, the perfect practice for getting accustomed to your gifts.”
Luke felt his heart burst with fear.”What, you can’t be serious! I’ll be killed!”
“This is all I can say to you for now, use your powers in the wrong way and we will stop you.”
Luke was scared of his own St for a moment. What did he mean by “we”? Luke felt himself slowly slipping out of St.Luke’s arms and in an instant he dropped. Luke screamed wildly. He felt the wind pounding against his body and flinging his arms up like a rag doll. Luke suddenly felt pain in his back. It grew stronger and stronger with every second. Luke had wondered if this is what dying was like. But soon did Luke realize it was just his wings blossoming. He realized these wings that seemed so beautiful. They grew to at least twice and eagles wingspan. They were pure white and had thin feathers. Luke felt his body start to stabilize in the air. It started to slow down and balance itself out. Luke had just realized that he was falling towards an island, not water. But this was an island covered with the black smoke Luke saw earlier. Luke had started to panic and had tried to figure his wings out. He thought in his mind left, right, left, right. He realized this didn’t work so he tried to flap them at the same time. This, unlike the last idea, worked. He started to get the feel of it and started to shift his body weight in the direction he wanted to go in. He slowly shifted towards the island. Luke felt proud about the fact that he learned how to fly so easily. He decided to try something dangerous. He brought his wings together and pointed them straight up. This caused Luke to dive into the black smoke at least at sixty miles per hour. Luke got exhilaration you couldn’t get anywhere else from this. He soon found himself engulfed in darkness. He fell through the smoke and past the flames unharmed, shockingly. He tried to stabilize himself once again but he was going too fast. He hit the dirt rock hard.
Luke got up and looked around. He noticed the flames swirling the island more rapidly. Luke examined what was left of the island which was fifty or more trees, a couple of rocks, and hundreds of demons. Luke turned around to only find a fist in his face. He flew back into a tree that was already partly broken. He got up and was shocked to find that he wasn’t dead right now. His wings felt little pain and cushioned the fall. The powers he thought. Luke looked in front of him to see one of these hideous beast’s up close. Unlike Luke’s wings these beasts had black ones. Luke had no better reaction than to put his spirit sword in front of him. The demon charged and Luke swung his sword from side to side quickly. The demon cried out in agonizing pain and fell to the ground. Luke noticed the demon had a white gash across his chest, most likely from the blade Luke thought. Luke looked up into the middle of the flames and saw a strange symbol. It was a star within a star and at least eight strange symbols surrounding it. Luke felt afraid as he knew he would have to fly up there. He looked around to see if any demons would try and kill him from behind. Luke saw not one demon, but hundreds charging at him. Luke felt that this was a time to take his anger out for losing his father, a time to show the angels what he’s got. Luke yelled and when he did a giant explosion came out of nowhere. Luke stumbled onto the ground and ran to find cover. He looked everywhere for explosives and firearms. Luke then came to his senses that neither God nor Lucifer would stoop to such dirty tricks. Luke had wondered if it had been him. Luke still saw many demons standing even though he took out a big portion of them.
Luke had tried something he had seen in many movies, projecting beams from his palms. He raised his arm and let his entire anger rise. He thought about anything that made him angry. In what seemed like a second a blinding white beam fired out of his arm. Luke was blown back from the kickback. Luke stumbled back up only to see his beam wipe out an entire army. This white explosion was bigger than any military weapon that he could possibly think of.
Luke had thought about everything he had just done. It seemed to him that he was able to project white beams of light, explode anything with his mind through anger, and fly. Luke had gotten a satisfaction from having this power in his hands but he tried not to think of it too much because of what St.Luke had said, “use these powers in the wrong way and we will stop you.” He got chills from that. Luke started to flap his wings to propel him upward. He slowly started to lift off the ground. He rose higher and higher towards the seal. Luke was instantly noticed by demons. They all flew towards him. Luke got ready and prepared for what was coming. Luke slashed one demon across the chest and another one diagonally across his body. Luke noticed five demons on his right and seven on his left. Roy sent five light beams shooting towards the demons on his right. The demons were blasted out of existence. Luke turned around and he charged at the seven on his left. Luke shoved the sword into a demon. He then took the demon and threw him into two others. Luke shot the other two with light beams. Luke realized there were two left. He flew towards them and shoved his hand towards the sky. When he did this the two demons were sent flying into the flames by Luke’s mind. Luke continued flying upward towards the seal. He noticed one thing in the distance, a huge thing. Not a thing but a demon, a humongous demon. The demon had four wings instead of two and had a staff that had a blade on one end and a black brick on the other. “You must be joking,” Luke said. The demon was most likely the last protector of the seal, and the most powerful one of all. Luke flew with great speed towards the demon even though it was ten times his size. The demon struck Luke with the brick and Luke felt great pain as he was forced down back onto the ground. Luke shook the rubble off his body. He noticed the demon had a purple orb in the middle of his chest emitting purple electricity. Luke thought maybe it was his power source so he raised his hand and shot a light beam at it. The demon reacted quickly to protect it. Luke knew if the demon reacted this way than most likely the core was of great importance. Luke wanted to test one last thing, super strength. Luke walked towards a tree and lifted it off its roots with ease. “Nice,” Luke whispered. Luke propelled the tree towards the demon and the demon raised his blade to cut it into pieces but was too late. The demon shattered the tree but with his body. As the demon fell Luke charged at the demon with great speed. Luke’s wings were pounding against rocks and ripping through trees. He didn’t care he flew harder and harder until he got close enough to the demon to incinerate him with a light beam. Luke shot the light beam directly at the core. He missed as the demon curved his body. The demon grabbed Luke’s leg and flung him around three times before sending him into a pile of dirt. The demon also hit the floor from the fall. Luke slowly got up and felt his body growing weaker. The demon seemed like it had endless energy. Luke ran at the demon and raised his hand up to trick the demon. The demon stuck his hand up as to block a light beam but instead Luke threw his blade into a three hundred sixty degree spin and the blade curved under the demons arm. The blade stuck into the demons core and all of a sudden the island was illuminated by a flash of light…

The author's comments:
Hi,My name is Victor and im in 8th grade. What really inspired me to write this piece was my imagination and also sometimes my questions about heaven or god. I really hope you like it

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