The Shoe at Worlds of Fun

October 10, 2008
By Christopher Ioerger, Andover, KS

Whoa! I thought I was going to completely fly off at that last turn on the Patriot. Today has been so much fun including riding on the bus, listening to a concert, and running around at Worlds of Fun. The first stop on this elated trip was being roused at 5 o’clock in the morning.

After I was woken up at 5 o’clock, we, my owner and I, entered a radical bus that had cushioned seats and several televisions. Riding to the park, I believe was the noisiest bus I have even entered and trust me; I used to be worn during basketball games, so I know noisy. Most of the time during the ride my owner was either blasting on his instrument or talking with the other musicians. When finally the two hours of agony were over I was then taken on a distant trip to a miniature concert room.

Two music compositions were played in the concert room. The first piece that was played was “Ever More Distant”, which was a slow sweet song, and the second, “Sparks”, was a fast and peppy piece. I enjoyed “Sparks” more, because I am used to quick motions. Once the two songs were finished, we then dropped off our instrument and then the party could start.

Worlds of Fun contained a various amount of rollercoaster and other rides. My master, with Jared Roger, Andrew Burdick, and Corey Cramner, only rode on rollercoaster’s, which is fine with me since rollercoaster’s are superior to other rides. I remember that while zipping along the Thunderwolf my owner was smacked in the nose, and then began to drip blood on me, but luckily the nose quickly ceased to bleed. By then, the exciting Worlds of Fun adventure was finished.

Finally after 8 hours of wandering around the park it was time to go home, and good too, since I was tired from my laces to my sole. I am also sad about this due to the fact that after going through another 2 hours of riding the noisy bus, I will probably get tossed into the trash because of the blood on me. Anyway, this was the grandest day of my short lived life, and I hope that I will live to see an even better one later in the future.

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