The Nightmare

October 10, 2008
By Angela Blum, Jim Thorpe, PA

I can still remember how the dark sky looked without a sun, the clouds speeding past me, like racecars on the track. A storm was on its way; you could definitely tell. I stumbled across the field, listening for anything, all my senses alert to how unusually quiet it was. Not an insect hummed nor a bird sang. More black clouds roared in and the wind picked up pace. I needed to get to the house; I defiantly wasn’t safe. The new cloud wasn’t about to wait for me. One after another tiny droplets fell down, small and slow at first, but soon falling faster and getting bigger. In a matter of seconds the ground was soaking wet. The grass made weird sounds as I ran through it. In the distance a bright flash illuminated the meadow, followed by a thunderous clap. My heart was pounding in my ears. I blocked everything out, I just needed to get to that house.

After about another five minuets, I reached the house. It was old and rotted, but I had no other choice. I ran right up to the porch without hesitation, but lingered in front of the door. Something didn’t feel right; my stomach flipped. I reached for the doorknob, another flash of lighting pushing me in. I turned it gently and walked in, the floor boards creaking from my weight. I called, just to make sure I was alone. This place had been empty for years, but now-a-days you couldn’t be too sure.

I didn’t know what I expected, but this certainly was not it. I walked around the main floor, trying to remember which room was which. The house groaned with each step I took. The air was thick with a musty smell that made me wrinkle my nose. So many years had passed, and so many things had changed.
I made my way to the basement door, and braced my self for what it held behind it. Opening the door I felt the wall for the lights, but none were to be found. I cautiously tapped the floor with my foot. The boards seemed sturdy enough. I carefully hurried down the steps, leaving the sounds of the storm behind me. At the bottom of the stairs I took a deep breath, I was safe at last, or so I thought.
I walked to the center where an old rug used to lie, concealing a hidden door. I fumbled in the darkness, trying to find the rug. Pushing, I slowly moved it away. I was startled by the light that seeped through the cracks. So somebody had been here. Well, there was no turning back now. I reached for the rusted handle and pulled up. It lifted easily with a huge groan, revealing the shimmering stairs. I could hear the clatter of some dishes from below, not exactly a greeting. I slowly descended into the unknown of this house, closing the door behind me. I tried to shut the door quietly, but didn’t succeed. “Whose there?” shouted a male voice. He rummaged through some things before appearing in the doorway holding a gun. My heart started racing again. I wished I could sink into the shadows. “I said who are you?” his voice booming throughout the cavern. I slowly crept down the stairs so I could get a better look at him. He pointed his gun right at me, trying to scare me again. I just continued heading towards him. Something seemed familiar about him, about the way he stood their towering above the world. I felt as if I knew him, before the world had changed.
He grabbed my arm and pulled me farther into the light, practically blinding me. He held me with more power than I could have remembered. He kept asking me questions, as he kept me held tight against him. So tight I could hardly breathe. But finally I gasped out “Don’t you already know me.” He loosened his grip, as if stunned by the accusation. He looked as if it was my fault the world forced people to hide in basements while duplicates took over the world. I sighed deeply; he was puzzled so I continued. “I used to live here, this used to be my house. He smacked me right across the face, and sent me falling to the ground. That was it; the fall startled me enough to wake up from the nightmare. I rolled over and snuggled back into bed. I listened to the soothing sound of the rain against my window, waiting to fall asleep.

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on Oct. 18 2008 at 8:18 pm
hey really good starting..the beginning just drew me in, but at the end i was left kinda confused what was the significance of the nightmare? who was the guy? but overall, really good.


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