Jail Break

October 9, 2008
By Anonymous

My feet were thuding as fast as my heartbeat as I neared the fence. I heard the guards yelling as they ran out the heavy, metal door. I turned back to see how many were following; crap, five guards. How could I possibly make it? As I was turning back, my feet went flying over my head. I had tripped over my baggy uniform, and now the guards were gaining. Finally, I reached the fence, climbed to the top, but hesitated at the barb wire. That's when the shooting began. It was like a volcano, it suddenly erupted. Taking the lunch tray I had grabbed when I escaped, and smashed the barb wire down. Just as I was jumping down from the fence, I felt the cold, harsh bullet enter my left hand. I screamed in pure agony, but kept running; if I could keep running for three more miles, I could get lost in the forest covered mountains.

I heard the cars pull onto the rocky, dirt road I was running on. I could see the mountains now, just a little further. I had forgotten about my hand now, I was running for my life. Up ahead was one ot the vans, apparently waiting for me. I reached down in my sock and grabbed the sharp metal fork I had saved. I only had one so, hoping my aim was good enough; I grabbed the fork in my good hand, and threw it wilh all the stength left in me. I guess the hard running threw my aim way off. I was aiming for his gun, but it hit him right on the side of his neck. Now if I her caught I could be charged for murder too.

I ran inside the van, which was already running. I moved the body, then pulled out onto the road and drove towards the montains. Just as I was gaining speed, a bullet shattered the back window. I hit the gas pedal to the floor and booked it. Once I was about thirty feet away from a mountain, I jumped out of the car. Immediately I was hidden in canopy of trees like someone had spread a blanket over me. I ran and dove inside a huge bush just to be sure I was safely hidden. Sitting in absolute silence, I thought about what I had just done. Now I could be charged for kidnapping my own daughter Lauren, and killing a man. I only kidnapped Lauren because her mother wouldn't let me see her anymore. It was so strange how just one hour ago I was sitting in my jail cell talking to my plump buddy Doug about her. Now I was on my own and no one could save me.

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