The Person Inside

October 4, 2013
By FlyToBeFree GOLD, Wilmington, Delaware
FlyToBeFree GOLD, Wilmington, Delaware
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"All our dreams can come true is we have the courage to pursue them." -Walt Disney

I am on my knees. My hands are behind my back, chained to the ground. I’m surrounded by old stone walls, a door and a window. Trapped alone in this dark room, I stare at the floor. I am waiting and praying. I have been this way for what seems like an eternity.

Something bright and beautiful catches my eye. I look up to see rays of sunlight shining through the foggy window reflecting off specks of dust floating in the air. As a smile cracks upon my face and butterflies flutter in my stomach, I look to the door. Is this the day? Is this the day someone will finally come and rescue me?

I wait a minute. Then another, and another. My smile disappears and turns into a look of confusion. No one is coming. Why isn’t anyone coming? I wait another minute. My confusion turns to fear. What if no one ever comes? What if I’m trapped here forever?

I wait another few minutes. Suddenly, my fear turns to anger. For the first time, I stand up. I scream and yell as loudly as I can. I pull, twist, yank, turn, and jerk with all my might. I want to get away, I have to get away, I NEED to get away! My fury is too much for these old walls to handle and they begin to crumble and tumble around me. Dust fills the air and my lungs but I still go on with my fit. Then, the rusty chains break and I fall in a heap into the rubble.

I stand up, and the dust begins to settle around me. I look at my hands. The bracelets and anklets, with broken chains still hanging from them, that had held me back for so long dissolved into the thin air. I walk away from all of the destruction, from all of the pain. I look to the sun that warms my face. Like a river, tears of joy flow down my cheeks. I am free.

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