October 7, 2013
By Esmeralda56 BRONZE, Bremen, Indiana
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“I'll catch up with you guys, I just need to wash my hands” said Niall, right when he said that a strange man hurried into the bathroom. “okay were just going to go and get pizza” Zayn told Niall. “And I am going to get a CUPCAKE!!” shouted Harry. When Niall walks into the bathroom he sees the strange man again but this time he was putting on blue rubber gloves and right by the sink, there was alcohol and a soaked rag. Niall was getting nervous and started washing his hands fast, when he was done he headed for the door. But before he could reach it he felt a wet rag that smelled like alcohol go over his mouth and nose and before he knew it, every thing went black.

“I wander whats taking him so long?” said louis “I'll go check in on him, I'll be back in a sec.” said liam while he got up from his seat. “NIALL! We are leaving, lets go!...........Niall?” liam said impatiently. Liam looked around the bathroom but did not find him. All he could think of is telling his band mates what happened, so he ran as fast as he could to his friends. “NIALLS NOT IN THE BATHROOM!!!”he shouted “What?” they all said at once. “NIALL IS NOT IN THE BATHROOM, I LOOKED AND DIDN'T FIND HIM AT ALL!!!!” he said worried. Zayn, Louis, and Harry got up from there chairs and ran to the bathroom while Liam Fallowed after them.

“NIALL STOP PLAYING GAMES!” they all shouted and looking at the same time for Niall in the bathroom. “Hey guys I found a note?” “What does it say?” they all replied to Louis. “It says To: Niall Horans friends
I just want to say that if you don't give me what I want, then I won't give you what you want and I think that it is Niall right? Lets just get to the point” IF YOU DON'T GIVE ME $100,000,000 I WILL MAKE SURE THAT YOU NEVER EVER EVER SEE NIALL AGAIN IN YOUR LIFE! “I will make sure we keep in contact with each other and YOU BETTER NOT LET ME DOWN OR YOUR FRIEND WILL DEAL WITH THE CONSEQUENCES!!!!”

“What are we going to do!!?!!”said zayn “We need to give this man or woman the $100,000,000 or who know what he will do to Niall!” “Ring!Ring!Ring!” “Hello?Who is this?”said liam to the other person on the line. “Do we have a deal or not?......Answer me now!!” “What are we going to do?....We just take the deal to save Niall's life right?” As they talked the person on the other end got impatient “ WELL DO WE HAVE A DEAL OR NOT, I NEED A ANSWER AND SINCE YOU TOOK TO LONG TO REPLY I WILL PUNISH YOUR FRIEND BY BURNING A SMALL LITTLE SIMBOL ON HIS WRIST!

“NO, PLEASE DON'T DO ANYTHING TO HIM!” they all shouted into they phone at they same time. “It's too late now, I will make sure that ALL of you hear your little friends' shouts. Now lets just tie his wrist to the chair tightly Micheal come here and help me! “No stop please I beg you please stop!DON'T DO THIS TO ME PLEASE! Shouted Niall ” You might feel a little bit of a sting “Niall”.” And just when he said that the man/woman put the hot iron on Niall's wrist.”AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH HELP ME PLEASE ZAYN!!LOUIS!!!LIAM!!!!!HARRYYYY!!!” then all of a sudden they didn't hear Niall's voice again. “Why! Why did you do this!” said Harry, which started tearing up. All of the band mates were saddened by what happened to their friend Niall that liam threw his phone and it broke against the bathroom wall. Zayn and louis were shocked by what the man did that they looked like the were hypnotized or something.

”Hello, is this the police?” said harry into his cell phone “This is 911 what is your emergency?” My friend Niall Horan was taken and we can't find him anywhere!Please help us!” He said into the phone. “ You mean Niall Horan as like the famous Niall Horan, like the band One Direction?” “Yes..CAN YOU HELP US!!” he repeated into the phone “Please you need to calm your self okay?...first off we need you to call your friends cell so we can track it and rescue him from where he is, do you understand? But first we need you to come down to the police station so we can track your friend.” The female voice said to Harry. “Okay then we are going to go right now, Bye?” said Harry.

“We need to go to the police station guys.....Liam..Zayn..Louis..LETS GO NOW!!”he shouted to his friends, right when he said that they started getting up slowly like they we dizzy so Harry had to help his friends get up from the ground. “Taxi!!”shouted Harry on the top of his lungs. “Were to fellas?” asked the taxi driver “We need you to take us to the police station immediately!! And I mean fast!” Harry answered “Okay then lets go!” responded the taxi man.

The taxi driver was driving so fast that he even went past the red lights and yellow ones too. “Okay, we are here and your total is......”He said when he was turning around
” WHAT YOU GUYS ARE THE ONE DIRECTION GUYS RIGHT?” “Yes we are, but can you tell us how much we owe you?” they told that taxi man “w-well can I have your autograph, my daughter would really appreciate it, she really likes you guys?” “Sure we can, do you have something for us to write on?” “Oh no! I don't” “Its fine well just give you something we have and sign our names on it!” So all of the band mates took something they had and gave it to the man with their signature, in a hurry. When they got out of the car the ran into the police station.

“We have been waiting for you guys, my name is Stacy Gardner and I will do my best to help you and your friend Niall” said a women in Dark black hair and sharp blue eyes. “Please follow me, and make sure you don't touch anything at all” as they followed her into the back of the room they saw a bunch of different gadgets and weapons, “so are we going to call Niall now?” asked Zayn “First we need to find out what happened with each of you then we well get to the phone call. Zayn you can go with agent Edwards, Louis you can go with agent calder, Liam you can go with agent Kevin, and Harry you can go with agent Kat .”

When they were done it took about 30 minutes, right after that they got to the phone call “We need you to call you friend with one of our cell phones.....Which one is calling?” “Oh I'm going to call Niall.” exclaimed Harry “alright then but, you are going to have to talk for a little, so we can be able to track them..ok here is the phone and you can call Niall right now.” said Stacy “tap tap tap, Niall?Is it you?” exclaimed Harry while Stacy and her team tried tracking down the phone. “well if it isn't Harry Styles trying to save his friend, please don't make me laugh! Have you gotten the $100,000,000 I told you to get?” the man said “No I didn't get the money yet, but I will, just don't hurt Niall please!” Said Harry in a hurt voice, “I GOT HIM, tell back up to get to this direction, but now!!! “ YES MAME!” all of her partners/workers said, one of them picked up a weird looking phone and started talking really fast into it.

“You know whats strange..you are calling me from a unknown number, what's your plan?” said the man on the other side of the phone line. “You know what, I am going to get my friend no matter what!!” and with that the phone line ended. “ok so police have surrounded the building where your friend is and they are going in right now, I need you all to come with me.” said Stacy When they got to the building where the man had Niall it looked like an old factory, when they all looked at it, Louis caught a glimpse of blonde hair and ran towards the door of the building. “NIALL I'M COMING!!!” he said when he burst into the door were he saw the blonde hair, Niall was tied up in a chair and right on his wrist there was a little symbol that looked like a circle that was half white and black.

As fast as he could he untied Niall, and started getting him up and over his shoulder, when Louis starts heading towards the door he sees the man in the door way. He had a long beard and was in a Orange jump suit. “You know i've been waiting for a long time to get out of prison and I am not going back” he said while he was holding a small pointy knife.

“Did you bring the money or.....” “Put you hands on your head” said two police officers. “The man dropped his knife and put his hands on his head, while the other police man puts hand cuffs on the man that escaped from prison he told Louis “ You are going to pay for all of this, just wait..” “Take your friend out of here and take him to the paramedics” Said one of the officers as he took the man out of the room. “Niall, you can come home now!!” Louis said tearing up because he was so happy he had gotten his friend back from the terrible man. When they all got out side the police officers put the man into a police car and took him to jail.

“LOUIS, NIALL!!!” the boys all shouted while running towards Niall and Louis “Are you okay, did he hurt you, what did he do to you?” they all asked at the same time. “ I think he is unconscious guys” Explained Louis “ where is the injured man, is he unconscious?” said one of the paramedics “I think so...?” “Help me put him on the stretcher” as they put him on the stretcher Niall's wrist rubbed against the stretcher and the symbol came off. “ We need to take him to the hospital, who is coming with him?We can only take two of you?” he said “Louis and Liam can go and Harry and I can catch up with you guys at the hospital.” Said Zayn. The ambulance's siren turned on and they were of. “Harry, Zayn need a ride?”shouted agent Stacy waiting by her car. When they got to the Hospital they saw Niall in the waiting room, “What happened, why did they let you go?” they replied confused “The man didn't burn my wrist, he just locked me up in a room with really hot smoke or something, I don't know what it was, but I felt like a couldn't breathe and I past out.”He said in reply. Zayn grabbed Niall's wrist and looked at it.....when he saw that nothing was there he immediately hugged Niall. “I was so worried about you!” he said stuttering “I thought I was never going to escape or get help from any one...But then you guys came and got me!” he said in a happy tone. Then the doctor walked in the waiting room “ well looks like everything is okay, Niall you can go home now just get some rest, ok?”

“alright” replied Niall

“ Its been nice meeting you all” said Stacy, waiting by the door of the hospital “Its been nice meeting you to”they replied “Do you want a ride?” “No thanks we are going to walk to a near by place.?” Then they walked past Stacy. When they got near the place they put a rag over Niall's eyes and entered into a restaurant, when they were in they took the rag off and....... “You've got to be kidding me, NANDO'S!!!” He yelled out loud “You guys are the best!” “And now no one will hurt you, or any one of us.” said Liam.

The End

The author's comments:
This article is about One Direction band member Niall Horan getting stolen/Kidnapped for the rest of his friends when they were at the mall.

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